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Autumn harvest: pick your own grapes and pears

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The autumn is the golden season for harvesting. The air is heavy with the aroma of fruits. It is a good time to go travelling as well as tasting sweet fruits.

Zhongtian Hanhai Agriculture Sightseeing Area, Huairou, Beijing

Zhongtian Hanhai Agriculture Sightseeing Area presents one of the most beautiful sceneries in autumn. The pumpkins and gourds grow in many different shapes and sizes. Pears draw the most attention. They cover the branches like yellow lanterns. They are the local specialty which tastes juicy and sweet.

Location: in the south of Qianxinzhuang village, Qiaozi town, Huairou district; about five kilometers to the downtown of Huairou district.

Local delicacies: visitors can try the old Beijing-style dishes such as the Peking duck and noodles with soy bean paste.

Yesanpo (Three Wild Slopes), Hebei

In autumn, Yesanpo Scenic Area is full of life. Entering its boundless forest, visitors will be attracted by many fresh colors of tree leaves, such as the red maple tree leaves, the golden oak tree leaves, and the purple-red smoke tree leaves. In the scenic area, a variety of fruits bend down the branches. Visitors can pick dates, walnuts and persimmons and taste the authentic peasant food in the village.

Transportation: Visitors can take the "Yesanpo Tourist Special Line" from Beijing West Railway Station and get off at Yesanpo Station or Bailixia Station.

Local specialties: hazelnuts, almond, walnuts, wild pepper and Sanpo Wine

Zhangjiajie, Hunan

Hunan Zhangjiajie is a paradise full of exotic flowers and rare plants. The most attractive is the maple trees. The golden bright color covers the mountains. It is the fruit season. Visitors can fully enjoy local fresh fruits while feasting their eyes on the beautiful scenery. Kiwi fruits born in the area are a must try.

Transportation: In Zhangjiajie long-distance station, long-distance buses to the surrounding scenic spots and suburbs. Many buses arrive at long-distance station.

Local specialty: Sanxiaguo (a kind of stew dish)

Taishan Mountain, Shandong

The Taishan Mountain sees its season of richest colors in autumn. The golden tree leaves make the mountain bright and resplendent. The winter dates produced in Zhanhua county are ripe at this time. The date is always well known for its crispy and sweetness. Every year in Zhanhua county, the Winter Date Festival is held. Visitors can entertain their mouths at most. The red dates also attract many painters and photography enthusiasts to splash ink and squeeze the shutter.

Local delicacies: beancurd feast, Chinese cabbage, peach, chestnut, dates and jade

Turpan, Xinjiang

Xinjiang, the hometown of fruits, appears most beautiful in September and October. Turpan welcomes its harvest season. The golden grapes, yellow Hami melon and other ripening fruit make it full of sweet smell. Visitors can go to the vine yards in the area to pick grapes. The experience of picking the grapes is quite interesting. Of course, the famous grape valley is not to be missed.

Transportation: Visitors can take a train from Urumqi to Turpan, and take a mini-bus or hire a car to Turpan. The fees costs about 100 yuan and the journey takes about two hours.

Local delicacies: lamb kebabs, rice eaten with hand, Nang (a kind of crusty pancake), Xinjiang big plate of chicken and noodles served with soy sauce

Source: China.org.cn
Date: 2010-09-21