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Global library curators vow cultural cooperation

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Global library curators vow cultural cooperation

More than 30 national library curators and representatives from 20 countries and regions in Asia and Oceania gathered in Beijing Thursday to discuss the building of sustainable regional library networks.

The participants from countries including Australia, Japan, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, shared their experience in international cultural exchanges at the two-day conference hosted by the National Library of China (NLC).

The NLC is promoting the establishment of the "Silk Road" international library alliance, and most of the participating libraries are from countries along the Belt and Road, said its curator Han Yongjin.

"I hope our libraries can increase cultural communication to boost friendship and deliver benefits to all," Han said.

The annual conference is held by the participating libraries in turn. This year was the third time the NLC has hosted the event.




Source: china daily
Date: 2017-05-19