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Low-cost shared fitness rooms introduced in Beijing

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Low-cost shared fitness rooms introduced in Beijing


Many shared fitness rooms were recently introduced in Beijing residential communities after a series of shared products including bikes, sleeping capsules and phone chargers were made available.

The room offered by the Beijing-based Mipao Technology requires a deposit of 99 RMB ($14.8) and charges 0.2 RMB per minute. Every room occupies an area nearly 5 cubic meters, in which a running machine is offered.



Bi Zhen, CEO of Mipao Technology said market research shows that 95 percent of Chinese need exercise, while those with gym cards make up only 10 percent. Bi added that the shared fitness rooms will greatly meet the people’s exercise needs.



However, analysts worry that there could be low demand for shared fitness rooms due to single variety fitness services, the high construction cost of the rooms and lack of shower facilities inside the rooms as in common gyms.



They suggested that self-service fitness rooms could only grow in future if they offered high-quality, experienced services.

Source: Peopledaily
Date: 2017-08-11