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Beijing founds first social security aid center

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Beijing’s first social security aid center was founded in Dongcheng district recently. It offers specialized services to help those who deal with social security related affairs for the first time or are not clear about the relevant requirements.

Dong Hongli, director of Dongcheng social security aid center, introduced that as social security related knowledge is professional and there are as many as over 2,000 points in social security affairs, few human resources specialists can master all the business procedures thoroughly, let alone common people. Thus people often need to visit a social security center several times to get one thing done. The newly established social security aid center aims to help people who deal with social security affairs for the first time or are inexperienced with the requirements and procedures of social security businesses so that the services can be optimized and service objects’ satisfaction degree can be improved.

The aid center has an independent window in the social security center. By integrating with the functions of the comprehensive business window, it offers guidance, supervision, consulting and self-help services so that people can get one thing done during a visit to the social security center.


Source: Qianlong
Date: 2017-11-14