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45 Years, 45 Stories marks 45th Australia-China diplomatic anniversary

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Australian embassy launched Wedenesday the program 45 Years 45 Stories in celebration of 45th anniversary of Australia-China diplomatic relations on Dec. 21.

45 Years, 45 Stories is a collection of stories told from Australian and Chinese perspectives that speak to the breadth and depth of the friendship between both peoples.

“The friendship between Australian and Chinese people has an extraordinarily long history, even before we established official diplomatic relations,” said Ms. Jan Adams, Australia’s Ambassador to China. “We present 45 Years, 45 Stories to celebrate the diverse community and multifaceted cultural links across sports, science, arts, business, and academia that are the fabric of the Australia-China relationship.”





(Ms. Jan Adams delivers an opening speech at a press conference on the 45th Anniversary of Australia-China Diplomatic Relations)

Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop, announced 45 Years, 45 Stories program at the third Australia- China High-Level Dialogue in Melbourne.

The 45th anniversary is an important milestone for the ever-expanding relationship between both countries, as well as an opportunity to celebrate the vibrant bilateral relationship with strong economic, trade, and political bonding.

Shelley Warner, a former diplomat in the advance party to open the Australian embassy in Beijing in 1973, has witnessed the magnificent changes that have taken place in China over the past five decades. Shelley expressed her gratitude toward the Chinese mentors she worked with for helping lift the veil on China and build essential trust.

Source: Peopledaily
Date: 2017-12-08