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Chinese folk instruments first included into western music education system

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Chinese folk instruments have been included into the Western music education system for the first time ever, said China’s Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM) and Bard College Conservatory of Music, CCTV.com reported on Dec. 5.

The American college is to enroll students in Chinese folk instruments performance starting from autumn 2018. The students will be taught how to play the Pipa (four-stringed plucked instrument), the Erhu, and the Guzheng (Chinese Zither), as well as Chinese traditional culture, according to an agreement signed by the two colleges.

Education will be the best way to spread traditional Chinese music. After five years of study, the students will be given a bachelor’s degree and a chance to play in a large-scale performance, which will attract more colleges to set up Chinese folk music-related courses, Yu Feng, President of CCOM noted.


Source: Peopledaily
Date: 2017-12-08