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Visiting journalists give glowing report

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African, Asian media representatives finish 10-month program, call for enhanced cooperation

African and Asian journalists should pay close attention to cooperation between China and their respective countries, with a particular focus on the Belt and Road Initiative, Hu Zhenyue, vice-president of the China Public Diplomacy Association, told visiting media representatives.

Hu said China "highly values the development of friendly exchanges and mutual cooperation" with African, South Asian and Southeast Asian countries, adding, "Under the Belt and Road Initiative, our cooperation is entering a new high."

Visiting journalists give glowing report



Journalists attend the closing ceremony in Beijing on Dec 5 of a media fellowship program for 27 journalists from African countries and 15 from South and Southeast Asia. Su Qiang / China Daily

He was speaking at the closing ceremony on Dec 5 of a media fellowship program for 27 journalists from African countries and 15 from South and Southeast Asia.

"We hope that you continue to pay attention to China's bilateral exchanges and regional cooperation, especially the construction process of the Belt and Road Initiative. We hope you can convey objective messages and carry forward peace and friendship in order to boost win-win cooperation," Hu said.

Journalists from the China Africa Press Center and the China South Asia and Southeast Asia Press Center lived in China for 10 months, starting in February.

They attended lectures and seminars, learned Chinese, attended media exchange activities, toured the country, and reported on major political and international events in Beijing and other cities.

Events they covered included the Two Sessions, the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, the BRICS summit and the 19th CPC National Congress.

Hu praised the journalists for enhancing mutual understanding and friendship between their respective countries and China.

"The Chinese and African people are friends by nature," he said. "We have enjoyed deep emotions toward each other and have huge potential for bilateral cooperation."

Visiting journalists give glowing report

Kimeng Hilton Ndukong, a Cameroonian journalist who spoke on behalf of his colleagues, said the fellowship program had been a means of broadening journalists' understanding of China to counteract prejudice fueled by "persistent negative reporting by a section of the international media".

He said, "Africans are mature enough to choose their true friends" and cited historical ties between the continent and China, dating back to the early 1970s when China was readmitted into the United Nations.

"China has maintained strengthened ties with Africa by all effective, practical and friendly means for around five decades. The dividends are all too glaring and undeniable, even to the blind," Ndukong said.

Visits to various public institutions in Beijing and trips to 10 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities enabled the journalists to appreciate this great nation, especially its diversity, grandeur and superlative achievements, he said.

"It might therefore not be presumptuous for us to say that, through the close to 1,500 stories we have published in the past 10 months, audiences in 27 African countries and even beyond got to know more about China," he said. He called on his colleagues to continue sharing stories about the true China

Filipino journalist Jelly Musico, who spoke on behalf of his colleagues from South and Southeast Asia, said, "China won my heart and respect" because of its unprecedented accomplishments.

"China has not only lifted over 700 million people out of poverty, but built itself as the world's second-largest economy in a span of three decades," he said.

Over 10 months, he had learned that "China is prepared to become a close partner and friend of any country that aspires to economic prosperity for its people".

In fact, China had made itself closer to its Asian neighbors - and even to the other regions and continents of the world, like Africa - by proposing the Belt and Road Initiative, he said.

"Let this Belt and Road Initiative serve as a platform that will bind us together as we take off for a new era of media collaboration between China and our respective countries, through the help of the CPDA," he concluded.

Source: china daily
Date: 2017-12-08