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Community business e-centers debut in Haidian

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Beijing’s first batch community business e-centers made debut in Haidian district on December 28.

The so-called community business e-center, also called integrated service body takes branded supermarket and hypermarket chains as its main body but adds more convenience services.

One of the the community business e-centers is based on CSF market(Banbidian) in Tiancun Road, Haidian district.

Li Hui, manager of the market introduced, based on the “eight plus N” service principle, the center is forged into a community service complex that not only provides eight basic services, namely, vegetable selling, convenience store, breakfast, housekeeping, laundry, hair dressing, fee collection and remit, and logistic terminal but also introduces optional businesses.

“CSF market(Banbidian) has rebuilt its layout and cleared a 700-square meter- space out of the original 1,200 square meters’ operating area, where we have introduced six convenience services for residents so that they can enjoy one-stop services on their doorstep,” said Li.

Aunt Li, a resident of Banbidian community, bought vegetables early in the morning at the CSF market(Banbidian).

To her surprise, she found out a shop of bedding. “It’s so convenient. I don’t need to go to the shop in Shijingshan district,” said Li.

It is learnt that Haidian’s community business e-centers are aimed at providing better community business services, further improving life service quality and enhancing locals’ sense of gain and happiness.

Next step, Haidian will build one community business e-center in each of its 29 sub districts and townships with Haidian characteristics by 2020.

Source: Qianlong
Date: 2018-01-02