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Beijing to hold DEF CON China (Beta) in May 2018

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The DEF CON China (Beta) will be held in May 2018 in Beijing, announced by Defcon and Baidu Security Division on February 12, 2018, Beijing Daily reported February 13.

“USA and China are the two main superpowers in Internet security field in my opinion thus we come to China. It(DEF CON China (Beta)) marks a milestone in the process of Defcon’s development. We hope it can promote the trans-national communication and cooperation among security practitioners,” said Jeff Moss, founder of Defcon.

Defcon, the world's longest running and largest underground hacking conference, held annually in July in the United States, draws nearly 10,000 security experts, white hat hackers and security amateurs all over the world to intensively showcase the latest technical and research achievements in security field.

Source: Qianlong
Date: 2018-02-14