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Beijing announces 31 livelihood projects for 2018

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On Feb.8, the standing committee of the 15th Beijing Municipal People's Congress approved the municipal government's report on the planning of 31 livelihood projects this year. The standing committee urged the municipal government to carry out those projects effectively and ensure concrete results.

I. Strengthening primary public service

1. Enroll 30,000 more children in new kindergartens and extensions. Organize staff training in professional ethics, education, and administration for kindergarten leaders and teachers across the city.

2. Build an extra 150 pension service stations to help the elderly acquire pension services more conveniently. Provide regular visiting services for senior citizens who live alone by telephone calls, door-to-door visits, etc.

3. Carry out 20,000 cultural activities, give out free electronic coupons worth 50 million yuan to boost cultural spending, and bring more high-quality cultural products to the public.

4. Give support to no less than 150 brick-and-mortar bookstores, and create good reading spaces and distinctive cultural atmospheres.

5. Establish 60 demonstration communities and townships that promote fitness and participation in sports, provide better services in building sports venues and facilities, and carry out educational programs to guide the public in science-based fitness activities.

6. Continue to improve the "Beijing One Card Pass" system, issue 2 million smart cards to the public. Carry out pilot projects of card-free public transportation by utilizing the "Beijing One Card Pass" mobile app.

7. Enrich the content of Beijing's online guidance system of government affairs, and integrate the system with Weibo, WeChat and other mobile apps to help the public access the system more conveniently.

8. Organize famous TCM doctors to provide medical service weekly for Beijing's 333 community health centers (or township clinics), steadily implement the mode of family physician health service.

9. Carry out educational activities on health for communities, townships and work units. Hold 16,000 lectures to help improve the citizens' health literacy. Train 20,000 family healthcare workers to help patients with chronic diseases to improve their abilities in self-care.

II. Improving the citizens' living conditions

10. Build 50,000 indemnificatory apartments and distribute at least 15,000 public rental apartments. Complete the rebuilding of 23,600 shanty houses.

11. Steadily push forward the work of installing elevators for old buildings. In 2018, initiate the installation of more than 400 elevators and complete the installation of more than 200 elevators.

12. Renew the heating supply pipelines for 100 old communities and improve the quality of heating supply.

III. Improving life quality

13. Push forward the "toilet renewal project" and complete the renovations of 580 public toilets.

14. Accelerate the establishment of the "15-minute community service circle," increase its coverage to more than 90 percent of the city and improve daily convenience for residents.

15. Build 1,400 life service stations covering vegetable stands, convenience stores and supermarkets, restaurants, housekeeping services, barber shops, etc.

16. Build 200 community home demonstration projects, motivate government agencies, enterprises and public institutions to share their internal service facilities with neighboring communities and participate more actively in community services.

17. Provide 10,000 additional parking spots and 500 public social service stations by using underground bomb shelters.

18. Ensure that at least 80 percent of all the canteens in Beijing's schools, kindergartens and nursing homes meet the food safety standard stipulated by the "Sunshine Catering" project. Improve the service standards and food safety of 5,000 restaurants and eateries.

19. Integrate the production and sales of agricultural products; ensure food safety in a higher standard by attempting to implement the business mode of direct supply, direct sales, transparent supply chain, and standardized management.

IV. Making travel more convenient

20. Accelerate the speed of building rail transportation, and ensure that the west extension of Line 6 (Haidian Wuluju Station to Pingguoyuan South Station) and the third and fourth phase of Line 8 (Zhushikou Station to Wufutang Station to Yinghai Station) begin trial run in2018.

21. Complete the project of repairing 1 million square meters of urban roads and 900 kilometers of bicycle lanes.

22. Implement 100 traffic alleviation projects, complete 100 projects of optimizing roads and junctions, and open and modify at least 40 bus lines.

V. Improving the ecological environment

23. Commence 1,000 projects of environment renovation and construction in townships, and achieve the goal of replacing coal with natural gas as heating supply in all villages of the flat lands in Beijing.

24. Carry out the renovations of 615 alleyways.

25. Build an extra 10 public parks and 100 kilometers of green roads, improve the city's ecological green space, and accommodate the citizens' need for fitness and recreation.

26. Build an extra 50 miniparks and small green spaces by fully utilizing the city's marginal places.

27. Strengthen the protection of water resources and dredge 22 streams.

VI. Eliminating potential safety hazards

28. Educate no less than 1 million citizens on fire prevention, promote the installation of smoke detectors for 700,000 elderly households, and effectively improve public awareness of fire prevention.

29. Continue to monitor old elevators and ensure early detection of defects, conduct risk assessments for 3,000 elevators and fix those with severe safety issues.

VII. Raising the level of social security

30. Support 2,200 poverty-stricken households by providing assistance and education to the people with disabilities and the elderly. Continue to upgrade the urban and rural minimum living standard, and make appropriate adjustments to retirement pensions, unemployment insurance allowances, working jury insurance, basic pensions for urban and rural residents, and welfare pensions.

31. Create 10,000 jobs for rural laborers in urban public service sectors. Establish 100 employment centers to help the people with disabilities. Provide community and home rehabilitation services for 5,000 disabled persons.

Source: China.org.cn
Date: 2018-02-14