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Beijing to add another 2,200 hectares wetland landscape in 2018

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Beijing will restore and build 2,200 hectares wetland in Maju Bridge of Tongzhou, Nanyuan of Fengtai and Chaoyang section of Wenyu River in 2018, according to Beijing Gardening and Greening Bureau, Beijing Daily reported February 12, 2018.

Among the 2,200 hectares wetland, 1,600 hectares will be restored and the remaining 600 hectares wetland will be newly built.

The key wetland construction projects include Fangshan Liuli River wetland, Phase II of Dongnanjiao wetland of Tongzhou district, Maju Bridge wetland(Phase II), Yanqing Wild Duck Lake wetland and Mujiayu Wetland Park in Miyun district.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, some wetland construction projects will also kick off this year, including Fenggang River wetland of Tongzhou, Nanyuan wetland of Fengtai, Shahe River wetland of Changping district, and Wenyu River wetland(Chaoyang section).

Among them, Shahe River wetland of Changping district, with a planning area of d 1,050 hectares, consists of four wetland parks distributed in Shahe River Reservoir, Wenyu River, the western part of Changping and Qinghe River’s entrance, which will fill the gap of lack of a large scale wetland in the northern suburb upon its completion.

While the Nanyuan wetland in Fengtai district, southern part of Beijing, with a planning gross area of 22 square kilometers, will become a counterpart of Olympic Forest Park in the northern part of Beijing.

Beijing has restored and built wetland over 8,000 hectares in East Suburb Forest Park, Tongzhou’s Maju Bridge, Fangshan’s Changgou, Pinggu’s Xiaolong River, Yanqing’s Caijia River and Haidian’s Yuquan Mountain over the past five years.

Beijing has stepped up wetland’s restoration, integrating ecological managements for basins of Yongding River, Beiyun River and Chaobai River since the project of 1 million mu afforestation in plain in 2012.

Source: Qianlong
Date: 2018-02-14