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1 mln trees to be planted voluntarily in 2018 in Beijing

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Arbor Day falls on March 12 in China. In 2018, Beijing plans to plant one million trees and tend 11 million trees on a voluntary basis, according to Capital Greening Office recently.

This year, the city’s publicly announced voluntary tree planting and green space adopting sites are now stepping up preparations, and they will provide citizens with various efficient services like online booking via a capital citywide planting tree website.

The website will offer citizens dual services for on-site voluntary tree planting and online duty performing.

Four municipal voluntary tree planting bases of Gongqing Forest Farm, Liuhezhuang Forest Farm, Jingxi Forest Farm and Badaling Forest Farm will provide citizens with various, quality and convenient reception services and they will also pilot to issue voluntary tree planting certificates through the website to promote citizens’ sense of gain in performing the duty of planting trees.

The capital citywide planting tree website will be put into normal operation by the end of this year and from this year the city strives to build one district-level “Internet + voluntary tree planting base” in each eligible district.

In order to realize landscaping’s high-quality development, this year the voluntary tree planting campaign will strictly comply with relevant technical specifications to mainly select native species that have longevity, save resources and give good landscape effects and strengthen the management and maintenance of trees to ensure that trees can survive to grow into forests.

The Capital Greening Office will examine and inspect the greening area, planting quantity, survival rate, landscape effect and tree management of key tree-planting projects in the city.

Source: Qianlong
Date: 2018-03-13