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China-Africa media boost promoted

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 Cooperation network is set to be established to strengthen the bonds between China and Africa

Media have the responsibility to tell authentic China-Africa stories, promote cooperation and strengthen ties, journalists agreed on Sept 10 during a discussion about the role of the media, as more measures might be implemented to boost media collaboration.

More than 50 media representatives from China and Africa gathered in Beijing to discuss the media's role in building a China-Africa community with a shared future, following the 2018 Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation on Sept 3 and 4.



 China-Africa media boost promoted

African media representatives during a discussion about the role of the media in Sept 10. Photos Provided to China Daily


President Xi Jinping said during the opening ceremony of the FOCAC summit that a China-Africa media cooperation network will be established, as the media represent one of the ways to "strengthen the bonds between the people of China and Africa".

Nimley Nicolas Dweh, editor of Liberia's NEWS newspaper, said that only through the participation of the media can Chinese and African people understand FOCAC and promote the development of China-Africa relations.

He said the media need to produce more in-depth stories related to the achievements of the forum, such as in the fields of medical treatment, education and infrastructure construction.

Guo Lin from Beijing's Guangming Daily said the media have an irreplaceable role in providing authentic and informative news products.

He said Chinese and African media should adhere to the truth and strive to provide diverse and authentic news products for their audience with a responsible attitude, and cover as many channels as possible to strengthen the voice of the mainstream media.

"Currently, there is a big gap in reporting between the two sides, so we should work even closer to make our voice heard by the world," he said, adding that the Chinese and African media should use the internet and produce more new media content.

Ahmed Hazem Samir Sayed from Egypt's Al Gomhouria newspaper said China-Africa cooperation should focus on the strengths and strategic priorities of the two sides, and should be able to effectively make the voices heard and maintain the interests of both parties.

Ma Xiaoning from People's Daily said exchanging reporters can assist with mutual understanding.

"We are working to introduce Chinese stories to Africa, and more African stories should be brought to China," she said.

Many representatives suggested more training programs or joint interviews, since there are currently lots of challenges and difficulties facing the media when reporting China-Africa stories, particularly for African media, which have insufficient capacity and funds.

Dweh from Liberia suggested a training program for African journalists to more effectively communicate information related to FOCAC and China-Africa cooperation that will be beneficial for both sides.

Sayed from Egypt said that strengthening media capacity and cultivating more talent is the next step in cooperation.

"We have the responsibility to guide public opinion and impressions, so we should work together to develop solutions to the common challenges," he said.

Zhang Ye, from the State Council Information Office, said he and his colleagues are willing to continue to help Chinese and African media expand cooperation channels as well as support and promote media cooperation projects.

"As a response to the initiative of African media representatives, we are willing to establish a media platform to promote the process of creating a cooperation network between Chinese and African media," he said. "I think we can first set up a platform such as the Belt and Road Initiative media alliance."

Zhang said such a platform can let everyone upload information for free, and download and use the information for free.

"I will suggest that the media authorities from both China and Africa should strengthen the communications regarding policies, gather more resources and strength, and promote new achievements in news media cooperation," he said.

He added that his team will also support the development of young Chinese and African journalists and provide training and exchange programs for them.

Source: china daily
Date: 2018-09-14