The history of Wangfujing Avenue


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Wangfujing Avenue is the most prosperous business center of Downtown Beijing. Wangfu literally means Prince Mansion. Why is it connected with Jing or Well? Actually, there is a legend.

Originally, it was the mansion of prince. And there was a famous well for its sweet water. The verge of the well is quite high. The well mouth is a big stone with a chiseled hole. The well is located in an exquisite six-corner pavilion. One year, the local suffered from an unprecedented drought. Nearly all the wells dried out in city except some wells remained some water. Wangfu Well was one of these. Besides, it not only had water, but water is quite sweet. The prince ordered the keepers to carefully manage the well and prohibit the strangers from getting water.

However, this old keeper was kind-hearted. For relieving the drought and helping the poor drink water, the old keeper secretly facilitated the outsiders to get water when the prince was asleep. Subsequently, prince found this and furiously blamed the old keeper. The old keeper honestly answered:”Your Lord, it is true that I help these people get water in our well. I really disobeyed your order. But considered in another way, nobody will work for you if these people all died of drought”. The prince considered it was reasonable and stopped condemnation.

Since then, many people lived afar also came to prince mansion to get water from well, and Wangfujing became more and more famous and gradually turned to be the place name. Hereafter, people always named the places around Wangfujing Wangfujing Bei, Wangfujing Nan, Wangfujing East and Wangfujing West and so on. In the new century, Wangfujing was resurfaced again and had a new look. Currently, visitors still can see the Well of Prince Mansion in Wangfujing Pedestrian Street.