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I want to find accommodation.
I need to find information on dining and restaurants.
I want to learn to use public transportation.
I want to visit scenic spots.
I'm looking for Beijing's shopping districts.
I want information for planning leisure activities outside.
I want to make my own sight-seeing travel plan.
I need emergency services.
The Sleeping Beauty.jpg
The Sleeping Beauty
Venue: Opera House
Dates: November 21-23, 2017
A Handful Snow.jpg
A Handful Snow
Venue: Multi-functional Theatre
Dates: November 22-23, 2017
The Night of Organ.jpg
The Night of Organ
Venue: Concert Hall
Dates: November 23, 2017
The Stage.jpg
The Stage
Venue: Beijing Comedy Theatre
Dates: November 23-26, 2017
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Foreign-Invested Enterprise
2017 Beijing CBD (Central Business District)
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2017 Tiananmen Square.jpg
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