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Instructions on Feedback Tool

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eBeijing's Feedback Tool allows comments and ratings for anything on the home page.

To start the Feedback Tool, locate the element on the page that you wish to comment on, then right-click.

A window should open at the position on the page where you clicked. Just beside the place where you clicked a placement icon will appear. The placement icon represents the place on the page where you will leave your comment. You can move the icon anywhere you like. You can also move the window to a more convenient location.

Inside the Feeback Tool are several categories. Placing your mouse over a category will reveal a rating slider, and a box to type text. You can slide the slider handle to select the rating that you want to give. By clicking the text box below the slider, you can type your comments.

You can click [save] or [cancel] to save or erase your comments.

When you have finished using the Feedback Tool, please press [submit].

Your feedback is important to us! We read all feedback and take your suggestions seriously.



Source: ebeijing.gov.cn
Date: 2009-08-24