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Guzheng Recital

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Guzheng Recital

CHANG Jing Guzheng Recital

Venue: Multi-functional Theatre
Date: February 24, 2017

Propitious Cranes Flying By 
 guzheng, piano, cello, xiao,female virtuoso,percussion 
Dancing in the Dream 
 guzheng, piano, cello, xiao,female virtuoso,percussion  
Moon Shadow at the Lakeside 
 guzheng, cello CHANG Jing
Flying Petals 
 guzheng, xiao 
 guzheng, percussion  
Under the Hawthorn Tree 
Nostalgia of the Past 
 guzheng, piano, cello, xiao,female virtuoso,percussion 
Plums Blossoms on the Far Side of the Stream 
Apricot Blossoms against a Sky 
Moonlight over the Spring River 
Deep in the Cloud 
 guzheng, piano XIAO Ying 
Farewell My Concubine  
 guzheng, piano, cello, xiao, bass drum  
guzheng and female virtuoso: CHANG Jing  
cello: SONG Zhao  
di and xiao: ZHANG Di  
piano: ZHANG Ying  
percussion: WANG Jianan  
vocal performance: Siyang 

CHANG Jing Guzheng
CHANG Jing is not only one of 'Four Ancient Guzheng Beauties', but also the first player of 'singing & ancient zither'. She is now ancient zither player of China Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble, independent musician, permanent royal ancient zither teacher for Thai Princess, chief performer of the movie The Love of Hawthorn Tree directed by ZHANG Yimou and ancient zither soloist of Moonlit Night on Spring River on the Beijing Olympic Games 2008.

CHANG Jing focuses on ancient zither music and research for the Tang and Song poetry, and publishes many solo records. She cooperates with world-class musicians and orchestras, including CHEN Qigang, TANG Muhai and L'Orchestre National de Francaise. She often participates in various large-scale performances, symphony concerts and worldwide music festivals, such as the Beijing Olympic Games Torch Relay Ceremony held in the Summer Palace.

CHANG Jing integrates ancient zither, piano, percussion and other modern instruments to create unprecedented musical styles. Her music penetrates the soul so that people cannot resist to the existence. By listening to every musical note under meditation, every audience can be enchanted by unprecedented music magic and shocking power.

Source: National Centre for the Performing Arts
Date: 2017-02-13