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Silang Visits His Mother

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Silang Visits His Mother

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Peking Opera YANG Silang Visits His Mother

Venue: National Centre for the Performing Arts - Theatre
Date: May 25, 2017

YANG Yanhui: YANG Shaopeng, MA Botong, ZHANG Jianfeng, ZHU Qiang
Princess TIEjing: FENG Qipeng, ZHANG Qian, DOU Xiaoxuan
Empress Dowager XIAO: WANG Yi
YANG Zongbao: LI Hongtu
YANG Zongbao's Grandmother: ZHAI Mo
YANG Yanzhao: NI Shengchun
MENG Jinbang: LU Tong
The prince's maternal uncles: HUANG Boxue, SUN Shimin

In a bloody battle at the frontier, YANG Yanhui (also named YANG Silang), the fourth son of the YANG Family, is taken alive by the enemies from Qidan Kingdom, and changes his name to disguise his real identity. Empress Dowager Xiao (the ruler of Qidan) likes Yanhui very much, and forces him marry Princess Tiejing of Qidan Kingdom. 15 years later, YANG Yanhui learns about the news that his mother comes to the frontier with the YANG Zongbao (son of YANG Yanzhao, the sixth son of the YANG Family). He misses her so much as to go there sneakily with the help of his wife. However, he is captured as an enemy by YANG Zongbao. Later, YANG Yanzhao recognizes the suspect is his brother and they together see their mom. At the bittersweet moment, they hug each other and cry with happy tears. But soon later, Yanhui leaves the camp for his own family.

Source: National Centre for the Performing Arts
Date: 2017-05-17