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NCPA Opera Festival 2017
NCPA Children's Opera Effendi

Venue: Multi-functional Theatre
Dates: May 25-June 01, 2017
Duration: Approximate 80 mins (No intermissions)

Effendi has been a famous legend throughout the Islam world. Even in China, he is a household name. And to the masses, Effendi is an embodiment of wisdom. He always shows enormous compassion for the lower class. At the same time, he scoffs at those greedy, cunning and mercenary guys. In this way, he can set things right and establish justice for the plebs.

With full of cunning tricks, master Bayi imposes exactions on other people, and takes advantage of compound interest and other vicious methods to exploit and oppress hardworking and toiling masses of people. As a result, the poor people cannot endure. At this point, Effendi wanders about this place. In order to help kind-hearted and simple people to enjoy justice, Effendi plays a trick, and makes greedy Bayi and his wife with excessive desires trapped into the fabulous illusion described by Effendi. Bayi and his wife are bogged down deeper and deeper, finally empty their purse, but lose all original capitals. The grabbed money is returned to their original owners.

Source: National Centre for the Performing Arts
Date: 2017-05-17