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Xuanzang's Pilgrimage

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Xuanzang's Pilgrimage

Venue: National Centre for the Performing Arts - Opera House
Dates: September 19-20, 2017

“Drama” and “musical instrument” symbolize and represent Xuanzang’s journey to the West in Xuanzang's Pilgrimage. Chinese shakuhachi, Chinese zither, Chinese fiddle, Chinese lute, suona horn, dulcimer, Chinese harp, gijik, rawap, dobro, satar, frame drum, eagle flute, sitar and tabla are applied in the drama, which highlight the musical cultures with Han Chinese, Uigur, Kazakh, Tadzhik and Indian characteristics, and fully demonstrate the cultural diversity of the national music along the Silk Road.

Music’s abstract narrative function is highlighted in the drama. Under the framework of sixteen chapters including “Mahāyānadeva”, “Buddhism”, “thought-moment”, “departure to the frontier”, “asking the way”, “running into danger”, “ultimate bliss”, “Gaochang”, “salvation”, “snow mountain”, “hometown”, “sacrifice to heaven”, “Bodhi”, “Nalanda”, “dream” and “Tang Dynasty”, the Grand Master’s spirit of going on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures, holding on to his conviction and sticking it out is revealed incisively and vividly in a realistic virtual space created by stage setting technology from a multimedia perspective.

Composer/Playwright/Director: JIANG Ying
Executive Presenter: XI Qiang
Joint Executive Presenter: CHEN Yuhan
Executive Producers: WEI Jun, WANG Ciheng, ZHAO Dongsheng, WEI Guoan
Set Designer: ZHANG Jiwen
Band Directors: YE Cong, LIU Sha
Art Consultant: FENG Xiaoning
Buddhism Consultant: QIAN Wenzhong
Lighting Designer: XING Xin
Executive Directors: WANG Yixun, JIN Ge, HU Bo, Moli
Costume Designers: Akuan, ZUO Huanyu
Video Projection Designer: Digital Media Studio of School of Design, Central Academy of Fine Arts
Sound Designer: SHEN Tian
Props Designer: ZHANG Jingsan
Stage Manager: MA Guoqing
Copy-writing Coordinator: XIAO Wenli

Han Chinese Performers: TANG Feng, WEI Yuru, WANG Ciheng, DING Xiaokui, ZHANG Bin, FENG Mantian, ZHAO Cong, JIN Yue, SHANG Zujian, ZHU Jianping, YU Xin, SHAN Wentong, WU Lin, MI Guangbin, NIU Jiandang, MIAO Qing, ZHANG Lu, ZHANG Jiali, GUO Jieshu, LIU Yang, SU Ning, WANG Long, etc.
Uyghur Peformers: Miheriguli Abulizi, Kamili Maola, Maimaitiyiming Abudureyimu, etc.
Kazak Performers: Yeerbaoli Aban, Tamuti, Asilibieke Wukaihan, etc.
Tadzhikistan Performers: Ahongnike, Aizimu Huxidili, Wulamumaimaiti Xiamuximaimaiti, etc.
Indian Performers: Ghulam Ali, Lokesh Anand, Rajat Pransanna, Mukesh Sharma, etc.

China National Traditional Orchestra

Source: National Centre for the Performing Arts
Date: 2017-09-13