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Journey to Inspiration

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Journey to Inspiration

NCPA Dance Festival 2017
Xianwuren Dance Studio Journey to Inspiration

Venue: National Centre for the Performing Arts - Theatre
Date: September 23, 2017

In history, Xuanzang was threatened by harsh natural conditions, west of Guazhou lay the borderless Gobi dersert. He had to traverse this sea of sand on his own. The pursuit of dreams on the Silk Road was paved with setbacks, miseries and even death. However, although he knew his life was in danger, Xuanzang continued his journey.

In the autumn of 628 AD, a year after leaving Chang’an, Xuanzang arrived at Gandhara, where the Persian Greek and Indian civilizations merged together.
He had recorded many of the country’s details in the Great Tang Records on the Western Regions. In the autumn of 631 AD, after four years of traveling, Xuanzang finally arrived at his destination—Nalanda. No one could have dreamed that 1200 year later his memory would illuminate India’s history.

“On the sea of life and death, who would be the boat and vessels. In the endless dark nights, who would be the lights and torches.”
Yet the hardships Buddha endured and his life-long commitment encouraged Xuanzang to continue on his quest. The path to enlightenment was still in front of him.

Xuanzang’s legacy was simple, never give up and keep the faith. That is the spirit of the Chinese people.

Artistic Director:LIU Min
Consultants: ZUO Qing, PAN Zhitao
Art Guide: GAO Jinrong
Director/Choreographer: ZHAO Xiaogang
Producers: ZHAO Xiaogang, ZHANG Yunfeng
Composer: GUAN Peng
Set Designers: ZHANG Wu, QI Ji
Costume Designer: YANG Donglin
Style Designers: LIU Chang, XIAO Ke
Lighting Designer: GAO Baolong

Xuanzang: SHEN Xubin
Dengju: ZHANG Yunfeng
ZHOU Ji: SHAO Junting
SHI Panduo: SHEN Liyuan
Presents: Beijing Xianwuren Culture Communication Co.,Ltd
Xianwuren Dance Studio

Act 1
Even a snail wants to go afar. Sluggish and tired as it is, it hates cutting no figure. So, with might and main all its life, it seeks to find evidence for how it’s lived. “Ksana” is a Sanskrit word, which means how long a faith lasts. It commonly means “keeping steadily in view”.

Since “Ksana” is a very short period of life, it must be consummated with persistent actions

Act 2
When Xuanzang(a monk in China) was young, his mother dreamed a strange dream, where Xuanzang was moving westwards on a white horse. Something makes sense because it has been started, and because it can be well done. All the hardships undergone by Xuanzang make perfect sense because of his perseverance.

Act 3
A man’s silhouette cannot cover the earth, but his voice can go so far. Xuanzang has left to us a spirit, which spurs us on to adhere to our ideal and keep our faith consistently.

Creative: ZHAO Xiaogang
ZHAO Xiaogang is the executive director of Beijing Xianwuren Culture Communication Co., Ltd., a visiting professor in the Department of Dance of People’s Liberation Army Academy of Arts, MFA of Beijing Dance Academy, director, choreographer and producer of Xianwuren Dance Theatre. He is also one among the “four batches” of talents of the publicity and cultural system of Beijing, a member of Chinese Dancers Association and China Literary and Art Volunteers’ Association. He has repeatedly won the Gold Awards of “Peach and Plum Cup” and “Lotus Cup” sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of China.

His representative works include dance dramas Lotus (2014), Journey to Inspiration (2015), The Remote Place for LIN Qing (2017), The Silk Princess (2016), Ode to Han (2013) and Dancing in the Utopia (2010); poetic dance Peach Red (2012); dance dramas Goddess of the River Luo in Clouds (2008), Full Moon and Singing for Shanxi (2007), Tang Colour (2006), Princess of the Forbidden City (1999), Wives and Concubines (1998); dances Reflections on the Ancient Red Cliff (2004), Ode to Lotus Flower (2006), Butterflies Are Free, Cross-Strait Love Letters, A Life for Opera and A Happy Excursion (2009), Folk Song on the Sea, Waves and Viewing the Clouds (2012) and Beauty for the Road (2013).

He was invited to create dance works for the opening ceremony of 2014 APEC Summit in Beijing, Beijing Dance Academy, People’s Liberation Army Academy of Arts, Hong Kong Dance Company, Art Troupe of the Comrades in Arms of Beijing Military Region, Chinese Armed Police Art Troupe, Song and Dance Troup of Xi’an, Fujian Song and Dance Troupe, Xiamen Little Egret Art Troupe, Phoenix TV, CCTV, Hunan TV, etc.

Presenter: Beijing Xianwuren Culture Communication Co., Ltd

Co-founded by young directors ZHAO Xiaogang and ZHANG Yunfeng in 2009, Beijing Xianwuren Culture Communication Co., Ltd. specializes in the creation of various stage works such as dances, and large-scale scene plays. With a number of outstanding young artists and creative talents in costumes and stage art, it has created more than 40 excellent stage performance works enjoying great popularity, including the large folk song scene play Peach Red created in cooperation with Shanxi Provincial Department of Culture in 2010, the Peach Blossom Castle created in collaboration with Suzhou Song and Dance Troupe in 2011, the poetic dance drama Ode to Han created together with Hanzhong Song and Dance Troupe in 2013, the original dance drama The Silk Princess created in cooperation with Song and Dance Troup of Xi’an in 2015, WANG Xizhi created together with Zhejiang Song and Dance Theatre in 2016 and The Remote Place for LIN Qing created together with Guizhou University of Engineering Science in 2017.

In recent years, the company has independently created a series of excellent dances like Lotus, Journey to Inspiration and Dancing in the Utopia, and given performances at China Shanghai International Arts Festival, NCPA Dance Festival, The First Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo, Beijing International Youth Drama Festival and Guangzhou Arts Festival.

The creative team of the company has taken part in the performance for the opening ceremony of APEC Summit in Beijing, The Road to Revival, the large-scale galas in celebration of the founding of the CPC and PRC, and themed parties of folk songs, acrobatics, songs and dances of Phoenix TV, Hunan TV, Hong Kong Song and Dance Troupe and Guangdong Province and so on. Since its establishment, Xianwuren’s works Begonia Grandis, Ode to Lotus Flower, Wind Song, Rouge, Cross-Strait Love Letters, Deliberation, Viewing the Clouds, Red Love and Beauty for the Road won the awards of the “Taoli Cup” Youth Dance Competition sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, the “Lotus Cup” Award for Chinese Dances, the first prize for creative works and excellent play awards in CCTV Dance Competition.

Source: National Centre for the Performing Arts
Date: 2017-09-13