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Warrior Lanling

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Warrior Lanling

Works by Famous Chinese Contemporary Directors Invitational Exhibition
National Theatre of China Warrior Lanling by Director WANG Xiaoying

Venue: National Centre for the Performing Arts - Theatre
Dates: October 18-20, 2017

Warrior Lanling is a fable about “soul and mask”. This new story is developed based on the legend of the Warrior Lanling, a famous general of the Northern Qi Dynasty. The drama Warrior Lanling contains something new that is strongly symbolic, since it no longer tells a legend or historical event but a modernistic fantasy fable. The legend of the Warrior Lanling is something based on which traditional Chinese operas are created, and the traditional Chinese operas’ aesthetic characteristic that “stories are acted out in the form of singing and dancing” dates back to the Song of Warrior Lanling at War. The image of Warrior Lanling in a big mask also serves as an inspiration to Nuo opera masks and even contemporary opera masks. In addition,Warrior Lanling combines Chinese cultural tradition with the modern artistic style in stage performance, integrating traditional elements such as Nuo opera, ancient dance and stepping dance in this work.

Executive Presenter: ZHOU Yuyuan
Executive Producers: JING Xiaoyong, GE Dali, LUO Dajun, BAI Xuefeng
Playwright: LUO Huaizhen
Director: WANG Xiaoying
Set Designer: ZHANG Wu
Lighting Designer: XING Xin
Costume Designer: PENG Dinghuang
Make-up Designer: SHEN Miao
Props & Mask Designer: ZHANG Huaxiang
Music Designer: TIAN Zhenzi
Sound Designer: WANG Zichun
Movement Director: JIA Fei
Deputy Director: SHE Nannan
Stage Supervisor: WANG Zhiqiang
Technical Manager: XIE Ke
Production Coordinator: ZHANG Haoruo
Programme Coordinator: XIAO Han
Promotion Coordinators: SUN Lu, WANG Haochen
Log Keeper: WANG Jun
Stage Manager: WANG Dawei

Warrior Lanling: ZHANG Haoyue
Queen of Qi State: XIA Lixin
King of Qi State: LI Ren
Zheng’er: YU Fengxia
Right Prime Minister: WANG Nan
Left Chief Officer: ZOU Yizheng
Actor-bureaucrat: ZHANG Jinhe

Masked Dancers: HE Hongyu, TIAN Ge
Nuo Opera (Masking Opera): ZHANG Jinhe, LI Nan, HE Hongyu, TIAN Ge
Masked Former King: WANG Dawei
Actors: LI Nan, WANG Youya, WANG Dawei, WANG Guangbin, LIU Ziyu, LI Bei, WANG Jufeng, XIA Meng

In this version, Warrior Lanling is a weak-minded prince that hides his true nature in a feminine way after witnessing his father being murdered. In order to awake his true nature, The Queen of Qi gives him a mask shaped like a mythical creature belonging to the former king. After wearing the mask, Warrior Lanling looks virile. He is invincible on the battlefield, but meanwhile he is becoming a relentless terror. Finally, the Queen of Qi helps him to retract from the wrong path and be what he used to be by sacrificing herself.

Source: National Centre for the Performing Arts
Date: 2017-10-12