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Swan Lake

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Swan Lake

NCPA Dance Festival 2017
Liaoning Ballet of China Swan Lake

Venue: National Centre for the Performing Arts - Opera House
Dates: November 17-18, 2017

Act I
In the Palace, a birthday party is underway for prince Zigfrid who has just come of age. The Queen Mother presents him a bow; noblemen and the prince’s friends are reveling in his honour. After the Queen’s departure, the revelry continues. Seeing that the prince is in no mood of making merry, congratulators are taking leave one after another. Then a flock of swans are flying overhead. The prince, melancholy, is going to hunt on his own.

Act II
By the lakeside, the prince catches sight of a beautiful swan, princess Odetta who has been so transformed under the Devil’s spell. The prince falls in love with Odetta, yet the Devil tries to come between them. Only committed love can give back Odetta’s human form. The prince swears that his love for her will never change.

In the castle, a grand feast is underway. It is an occasion to choose a wife for the prince. Foreign guests have brought along their beauties for the prince to choose. Repeatedly urged by his mother, the prince, infatuated with Odetta, has no interest in any other girls. Suddenly, the Devil arrives with his daughter Odile. He has the prince bewitched and makes him fall in love with Odile, breaking the prince’s commitment to Odetta with trickery. On finding out, the prince, desperate, sad and indignant, runs to the lakeside.

Act IV
Odetta is unloading her misery to her girl friends — the prince has betrayed her and her hope of being saved has vanished. Under the duress of the Devil, Odetta and her girl friends surrender. The despaired prince arrives, begging for her forgiveness. Then the prince begins to fight with the Devil. The prince, extremely grieved, no match for the Devil, is ultimately killed. Odetta, having lost her love, has no chance of being transformed back to her former self as princess. Aglow anew above the lake is the rising sun; resounding far and wide is the song celebrating the love between the prince and the princess.

Vladimir Malakhov is one of the world-acknowledged dancers and he won gold prize in international competitions for several times in Varna, Moscow and Paris.

Vladimir Malakhov was born in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine. He started studying ballet when he was four and under the instruction and guardianship of Petr Pestov, a ballet education master, he started his ballet study in Ballet School of Bolshoi Theatre. He became the youngest principal dancer of Bolshoi Theatre Ballet after he graduated in 1986.

Vladimir Malakhov immigrated to the West in the 1990s and was soon invited by national ballets in west Europe and countries in North America. He was the long-term principal dancer in Stuttgart Ballet of Germany, Vienna State Opera of Ballet in Austria, National Ballet of Canada and American Ballet Theatre. In Spring of 1995, he had his debut in ABT in Metropolitan Opera House and he soon enjoyed the reputation as “Jahrhunderttänzer” in western media. In 2002, Vladimir Malakhov came to Berlin in his 30s and accepted the letter of appointment as Heat of Berlin State Opera Ballet. He started focusing on work behind the scene while he continued his performance on the stage. Later he started progressive reform on Berlin ballet. He regrouped and merged the three ballets in Berlin in 2004 and formally established Berlin State Ballet. Under his instruction, Berlin State Ballet cultivated several world's first-class dancers including Semeonova, Salenkoand Nakamura, etc. Besides, he also wrote and directed a series of world classics in his own version including Sleeping Beauty, Dancer and Cinderella, etc. His hard work made Berlin State Ballet become the largest and most powerful ballet in Germany in a few years.

Vladimir Malakhov wrote a lot of works in many different fields including world classic ballet works and modern works in the 20th century. He is a popular artist. As the dancer, director and ballet teacher, his figure can be often seen in famous ballet institutions worldwide.

China Liaoning Ballet (LNB), established in 1980, has been dedicated to producing ballet art pieces of Chinese characteristics while persistently introduces, rehearses and performs world ballet classics. It has scored remarkable achievements in exploring and building the Chinese school of ballet art. Since 1980, LNB has rehearsed and performed world famous ballet pieces including Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Le Corsaire, Don Quixote, the Nutcracker, La Sylphide, Giselle, La Fille Mal Gardee, etc. LNB has also created and performed dance dramas of Chinese styles, such as the Butterfly Lovers, Song of Mongolia, the Peacock Gall, Moonlight over the Erquan Pond, modern ballet The Last Emperor in addition to special evening performances for neo-classic ballet pieces like Song of the four Seasons and World of Classics.

The Ballet Dancing School attached to Liaoning Ballet was set up in 1994. With close to 600 enrolled students, the School is currently the largest training base for professional ballet talents in China. Over 95% of the actors now with LNB are graduates of this School. Over the years, a large number of actors have been sent abroad for further training while dancing experts from Russia, France, the U.S., Italy, Germany, and England are invited to come and teach, rehearse and perform here on regular and long-term basis.

Source: National Centre for the Performing Arts
Date: 2017-11-08