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Our Poignant Tales

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Our Poignant Tales

Top-Grade Dramas
Beijing People's Art Theatre Our Poignant Tales

Venue: Multi-functional Theatre
Dates: November 14-17, 2017

Playwright: YANG Xiaoxue
Director: LIU Xiaorong
Managing Producer: ZHENG Pengfei
Set Designers: KANG Long, ZHENG Pengfei
Lighting Designers: LI Guanjun, CHEN Tao
Costume Designer: DONG Rou
Style Designer: SUN Lulu
Effects Designer: HU Meng
Lighting Design Assistant: XUN Qiang

WANG Xinyu, LI Nan, ZHANG Hansheng, LUO Xi

The story is about a very clever potted flower, a fish with a retentive memory, and a mute, boundless lake.

It involves the mediocre and boring life, dispirited self-will, disappointing love, materialistic society, unrealizable communication, and ubiquitous death. For that, we are deeply regretful.

However, there are still fairy tales in our hearts.

Beijing People's Art Theatre is a Chinese national theatre with unique performance style. Built on June 12th, 1952, it was first headed by CAO Yu, the great dramatist in China. Since its foundation, the theare has staged nearly 300 plays of different forms and styles put up here. The representative plays include Hufu, CAI Wenji, WU Zetian, Longxugou Ditch, Camel Xiangzi, Tea House, Thunderstorm, Sunrise, WANG Zhaojun, Absolute Signal, Xiaojing Hutong, and so on. Of all these drama works, more than one has been performed over 100 times, and won national "Wenhua Award (for professional theatrical artworks)", "the Best Works Award" and municipal "Gold Chrysanthemum Award" and "Literature & Art Award".

Over the past half century, the performances by Beijing People's Art Theatre have spread all over the country, and the theatre's distinctive performance style has taken root in the mass audience. In 1980, Tea House was performed in Germany, France and Switzerland, which is the first time for Chinese stage play to go abroad. Following that, a series of plays were performed in Japan, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, Egypt, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau, including Tea House, WANG Zhaojun, Top Restaurant, Death of a Salesman, Uncle Goggie's Nirvana, Bird Man, RUAN Lingyu, Curio, and Wuchang Nüdiao.

In recent years, Beijing People’s Art Theatre has brought out a series of excellent plays, such as Glittering Days, Courtyard South of North Street, The Chinese Orphan, I love Peach Blossoms, The Family Portrait, White Deer Plain, The Citizens of Beijing, Coriolanus, Hamlet, The Intimate Friends, Wotou Guild Hall, The Sadness of Comedies, Our JING Ke, Home, Death of a Salesman, and Koushien.

Beijing People’s Art Theatre now owns two performance theatres—the Capital Theatre and the Experimental Theatre.

In June 2012, Beijing People’s Art Theatre ushered in its 60th birthday. In the same year, the Art Centre of Beijing People’s Art Theatre, which works on both creation and production, was established in Huairou district in Beijing.

Source: National Centre for the Performing Arts
Date: 2017-11-08