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Blowing On

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Blowing On

Invited Works of People's Art Theatres
Liaoning People's Art Theatre Drama Blowing On

Venue: National Centre for the Performing Arts - Theatre
Dates: January 13-14, 2018

The drama Blowing On, set in the North Market in Shenyang Province ruled by the Japanese aggressors during the Anti-Japanese War, portrays a deeply touching and moving anti-Japanese story through three brothers in a time-honoured brand Yihesheng Smithy.

ZHAO Tiechui, the Big Brother of Yihesheng Smithy, who is thought to be killed during the Pingdingshan Massacre, goes back to the North Market after five miserable years, only to find that everything has changed. Yihesheng Smithy is forced to be closed down under threats of the government; the Second Brother CHEN Tiedun was caught by the Japanese army because of his anti-Japan behaviour; ZHAO Tiechui’s wife was remarried to LUO Tiegang, his junior fellow apprentice...

Gulingling, GAO Aijun, ZHANG Mingliang, CAI Juhui, LI Yuemin, YANG Weiran, LI Qishan, LU Ming, LI Hongli, HE Zongwen, LIU Wei, PAN Lu, SHAO Jingxi, QI Xixin, HAN Yu, YANG Zhuo, HUI Li, WANG Yuanyuan, XIU Lizhou, WANG Honghai, ZHANG Jin

Liaoning People’s Art Theatre
Since its establishment, Liaoning People’s Art Theatre has presented some 300 Chinese and foreign plays. Representative plays include Spring Wind Comes to Nuomin River, Ringing in Red-stone Village, Mr. Baijuan, Emperor Qin Shi Huang, Primrose, Wreaths at the Foot of the High Mountain, Love all over the World, The Summer of That Year, Sunset, Secretary Mingqi, Years, Father, Mother, Ren Bishi, Sunrise, Thunderstorm, Family, Sunshine over Moscow, Julius Fucik, First Strike, The Miser, The Wilderness, The True Story of Ah Q, Rickshaw Boy, The Second Spring, In the Silence, Unofficial History of Qing Palace and King Lear. Keeping pace with the times, these dramas have reflected the real life. In particular, the three dramas – Father, Ling He River Shadow Play Practitioners, and Men and Women on the Ganzi Mountain were selected into the top ten excellent plays of the “National Excellent Stage Art Works Project”, ushering in the golden age of Liaoning People’s Art Theatre. The Life at Heishiling Mountain, another realist drama reflecting workers’ life, won the special award of Wenhua Award. Moreover, the theatre rehearsed the large-scale drama GUO Mingyi, adopting modern means in artistic form and combining the realistic and enjoyable styles. A magnificent quarry was presented in combination with the stage.

Source: National Centre for the Performing Arts
Date: 2018-01-03