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I am a Moon

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I am a Moon

Young Directors' Works Invitational Exhibition
ZHANG Hui's I am a Moon

Venue: National Centre for the Performing Arts - Multi-functional Theatre
Dates: January 11-14, 2018

I Am a Moon tells five heartwarming tales about the five protagonists' growth, touching upon their relationships with others and with themselves, and upon the “trace of body.” The moon embedded with meteorite craters would signify a beautiful metaphor.

When we were born, we had a near perfect body and pure soul, and all of us seemed to be as beautiful and pure as everyone else. However, as time went by, we grew up, leaving traces on us so relentlessly. Some traces came thrillingly and heart-wrenchingly, while others were branded into the skin without anybody knowing about it, some came from within ourselves, and some came from others. The traces are hard to eliminate, so we are unique in our own special way. We are just like a bright moon, which is embedded with meteorite craters that grew out of its impact.

Playwright: ZHU Yi
Director: ZHANG Hui
Presenter: Beijing Youqukongjian Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
Producers: WU Ying, LI Kezang
Lighting/Costume/Make-up/Props Designer: XU Yin
Stage Manager: ZHOU Yajing
Costume and Make-up: MENG Xiyu
Special thanks to CHEN Yiming, YANG Jie, MENG Yingjie, LI Xingguo

MIAO Ge, ZHAO Xiaolu, JIANG Qiming, SUN Shuyue, ZHANG Yiman, GUO Xiao

A successful, kind-hearted but slightly neurotic middle-aged man is informed of the death of his queen bee on Christmas Eve. His world collapses, and everything must be rebuilt, according to his perspective. Why is he depressed so deeply by her death? What changes will take place later on in his life?

A little pretty girl who is lovely in everybody else’s eyes, however turns fat when growing up. The world, which was tolerant and wonderful, becomes picky and unfeeling to her. When she meets her idol, her self-esteem collides due to an inferiority complex. What will this girl, who feels so lonely, do?

An arrogant idol singer, who becomes famous at a young age, gets lost in the unexpected honors and money that have been bestowed upon him. What’s worse, he can never learn to deal with the relationship with his lover. What will he do after another quarrel and running away from home?

A kind-hearted couple has high academic qualifications and a happy family. Yey, they quit their high-paid jobs and choose to set up a fruit stand together. Why do they choose to sell fruits every day? How did they meet each other? You have to come and watch to find out for yourself.

ZHU Yi Playwright
She holds a Master’s Degree in dramatics from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Dramatic Literature from Nanjing University.

She is a member of the Dramatists Guild of the U.S. and a resident playwright of the Ensemble Studio Theater in New York. She won the first prize of 2015 World Sinophone Drama Competition for Young Playwrights and the title of the Best Playwright of the Year 2015 from Shanghai Modern Drama Valley One Drama Presentation. She has been selected into the Playwrights Workshop by the British Royal Court Theatre. She was granted the fund for emerging artists by New York Theatre Workshop, and was selected for Norwegian Ibsen International “New Text, New Stage” project for playwrights. Currently, she is a guest lecturer at School of Liberal Arts, Nanjing University.

Her works were staged at New York International Cutting-edge Drama Festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Buenos Aires Biennale for Youth Arts, Beijing Fringe Festival, China Original Drama Invitation Exhibition sponsored by the National Theatre of China, Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center, Shakespeare Festival St. Louis, Taiwan Xiqu Center, Taiwan Shuiyuan Theater, New York Asian Film Festival, Taipei Film Festival, Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Fukuoka International Film Festival, Hawaii International Film Festival, Far East Film Festival in Udine of Italy, Atlantic Film Festival in Spain, Beijing Independent Film Festival and Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival.

ZHANG Hui Director
ZHANG Hui graduated from the Central Academy of Drama. She obtained Ph.D. from Department of Directing, the Central Academy of Drama.

Her works include Evolution, I Am a Moon, The Silent Scream, Gardenia Blooms in Neverland, The “An Enemy of the People” Incident and I Don’t Want to Sing Alone, etc.

Source: National Centre for the Performing Arts
Date: 2018-01-03