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National Theatre of China Fusheng by Director WANG Xiaoying
Venue: Theatre
Dates: May 17-20, 2018


Fusheng, who holds expansive knowledge about Confucianism and is employed as a learned scholar in the Qin State, which has just unified China in the ancient time. As time goes on, Confucianism, which has long been admired for so long, has lost its influence. The First Emperor of Qin orders the “burning of books and burial of Confucian scholars.” But Fusheng preserves the Confucian masterpiece The Book of History and defends the culture without fear of death, but when he seems to have succeeded, his soul is tortured. Yet as a scholar of Confucianism, he seems duty bound to sacrifice his life for it...


WANG Xiaoying Stage Director

WANG Xiaoying is a Chinese national first-grade director, with a PhD degree of drama in stage direction, vice president of National Theatre Company of China and vice president of Chinese Dramatist Association, one of the first of "the Talents of the Four Ones Project". He was awarded special allowance of the State Council. He gained the titles of "Excellent Drama Director" and "Outstanding Directors of the New Century" awarded by the Ministry of Culture of P. R. C, and won many kinds of prizes such as "the National Culture Projects" for excellent director, "Gold Lion Award" for excellent director, "CAO Yu Prize" for excellent director and excellent critic, prize for excellent director in Chinese Opera Festival, prize for China Small Theatre Opera Festival, Chinese Literary Criticism Award and Five One Project Prize.


HOU Yansong as FU Sheng

HOU Yansong is an actor of National Theatre of China. His representative works include drama:The Wilderness and People, Staying Power and Four Generations Under One Roof, etc.; a Disney musical Beauty and Beast; films: Gunshot on the Plain and LI Bayi the Village Official; TV series: Prequel to Chuang Guandong and Cold Arrow.

TU Songyan as LI Si

TU Songyan is an actor of National Theatre of China. His representative works include drama: The Accidental Death of an Anarchist, Wrist Broken and The Gossip Street, etc.; films and TV series: Double Sided Adhesive Tape, Two Cities One Family, Dwelling Narrowness and We Get Married, etc.

YU Ying Xi'e

YU Ying is a young actress of National Theatre of China. Her main works cinlude The Suicider, Proof, Betrayal, Alice in Bed, Hamlet, Jane Eyre, I Love Peach Blossoms and Tokyo Notes; musical Chopin; main films and TV series: Liu Shaoqi’s Stories, Silence, Mr. Lai’s Happy Life, LI Xiangyang Wielding Double Guns, The Legend of Guiguzi and Anti-Japanese Resistance Volunteers; the film Father’s Journey won the “Best Film” of the Lily Award.


National Theatre of China

National Theatre of China (NTC) is a national arts group under Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China. It has abundant resources and brilliant artistic theatrical cultural traditions. Represented by OUYANG Yuqian, LIAO Chengzhi, WU Xue, SHU Qiang, JIN Shan and SUN Weishi, generations of drama predecessors lay a solid foundation for birth, development, inheritance and innovation of NTC.
NTC is committed to creation and performance of high-quality and high-grade outstanding domestic and foreign dramas of all ages, and devotes to creating quality works, focusing on talent training and vigorously expanding the market. It is fertile ground for the Chinese national drama, great stage for realizing drama dream and warm home for countless painstaking drama practitioners.

NTC has three modern theatres tailored for repertoires with different styles and sizes. With Beijing as the centre, it spreads to the whole China and strengthens international exchanges and cooperation.

Source: National Centre for the Performing Arts
Date: 2018-05-14