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Date:2018-06-13      Source:National Centre for the Performing Arts

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National Ballet of China Symphony Orchestra

Venue: National Centre for the Performing Arts - Concert Hall
Date: June 22, 2018
Duration: Approximate 120 mins


Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 77


Symphony No. 4 in E minor, Op. 98

Conductor: HUANG Yi

Young conductor HUANG Yi serves as assistant conductor of China Philharmonic Orchestra and Artistic Director of Kunming Nie Er Symphony Orchestra. He was enrolled in the Conducting Department of Central Conservatory of Music with distinction, under the instruction of Professor YANG Li in 2006. From 2007, Mr. HUANG has been instructed by noted conductor Professor YU Feng.

Mr. HUANG was handpicked by the world renowned Japanese conductor Seiji Ozawa as his music assistant in 2009. In 2010, he was the recommended student for the Postgraduate Programme of Central Conservatory of Music with an authorized waiver of the Entrance Exam. In 2011, he was admitted into Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin under the instruction of symphony professor Christian Ehwald and opera professor Hans-Dieter Baum. In 2012, he successfully conducted China Philharmonic Orchestra and they performed the opera The Savage Land perfectly, giving his opera debut in the 15th Beijing Music Festival. In 2013, as assistant conductor of world-famous conductor Christian Thielemann, he participated in the rehearsal as well as performance of the opera Parsifal in the Salzburg Easter Music Festival (Salzburger Osterfestspiele). In 2013, as assistant conductor to conductor Gustav Kuhn, he participated in the rehearsal and performance of the Wagner’s opera Parsifal, a premiere in China, in the closing concert of the 16th Beijing Music Festival. In 2015, HUANG Yi conducted Shanghai Symphony Orchestra in the closing concert of Music in the Summer Air, giving the world premiere of Ping Pong Concerto.

In 2015, Mr. HUANG was employed in the Conducting Department of Central Conservatory of Music. In 2016, he began to work as Artistic Director of Kunming Nie Er Symphony Orchestra and became the first artistic director of this orchestra.

Over the years, HUANG Yi has conducted many orchestras, including Konzerthaus Orchester Berlin, Frankfurt Symphony Orchestra, Brandenburg Symphony Orchestra, Neubrandenburg Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra of Seiji Ozawa Ongaku, Korea Pusan Philharmonic Orchestra, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra of China National Opera and Dance Drama Theatre, Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra, Guiyang Symphony Orchestra, Shaanxi Philharmonic Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra of Fujian Opera and Dance Drama Theater, China Youth Symphony Orchestra, China Juvenile Symphony Orchestra, Macao Juvenile Symphony Orchestra, China Film Symphony Orchestra, etc.

Over the years, HUANG Yi has cooperated successfully with many singers including DAI Yuqiang, WEI Song, Warren Mok, ZHANG Liping, YUAN Chenye, LIANG Ning, ZHANG Jianyi, SHEN Yang, and many instrumentalists including Alison Balsom, ZHANG Haochen, WEN Wei, WANG Zhijiong, HUANG Mengla, YANG Xuefei.

Artist: HUANG Mengla Violinist

As one of the most active violinists in the world stage, HUANG Mengla occupies a unique position in his native land brimming with astonishing talents. HUANG came to international attention after taking first prize at the prestigious Premio Paganini International Violin Competition in Italy in 2002, where he was also awarded with the Renato De Barbieri Memorial Award for the best interpretation of Paganini's Caprices, and the Mario Ruminelli Memorial Award.

As a concert artist, his brilliant technique and unique interpretations have fascinated audiences throughout Asia, Europe and North America. He has performed with many of the world’s finest orchestras including the Dresden Staatskapelle, Bamberg, Danish National, Mexico, Norrkoping, Singapore, Sendai, NHK, and Tokyo Symphony Orchestras, the Luxembourg, Nice, Czech, Belgrade, Osaka, Kyoto, Japan, and Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestras, and in his native land the China National, and Shanghai Symphony Orchestras, among many others. Conductors with whom he has collaborated include names such as Neeme Jarvi, Jonathan Nott, YU Long, Mario Venzago, Henrik Schaefer, TANG Muhai, Nicola Luisotti, Edo de Waart, Nikolaj Znaider, Jahja Ling, Lü Jia, Ryusuke Numajiri, Thomas Dausgaard, and Tovey Bramwell.

At the beginning of 2011, he initiated cooperation with the renowned Dresden Staatskapelle and toured together in China and Germany. Then his tour with Czech Philharmonic Orchestra was marked as the prelude of 2011/12 season. In March 2012, he received great success after the Mexican tour with Maxico National Symphony Orchestra, and the following July he performed with Dresden Staatskapelle again in Germany.

The 13/14 season he toured with the renowned Württemberg Chamber Orchestra and Prague Chamber Orchestra in China with applauds from the critics and audiences. The year followed by a series concerts in Japan and Italy.

The 16/17 season was the 15th anniversary for his winning Paganini International Violin Competition gold award. He completed the concert tour in 12 cities in China with the 24 pieces in Paganini Capriccio.

The 17/18 season, as a professional explorer for more possibilities in violin, he played Paganini Violin Concerto No. 1 in D major with string quartet instead of orchestra starting in October. Meanwhile, He has been invited as the guest soloist during Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra’s tour in China this year.

HUANG Mengla is a recording artist of Universal Music. 2005 saw his debut album Violin Showpieces on Deutsche Grammophon. His second recital album also released on Deutsche Grammophon, a collection of works written by violinist-composers titled Violinissimo, was released in 2008. His latest recording project was the 24 caprices by Paganini, which was released in 2011. He is the first Chinese violinist who records for DG exclusively.

In addition to the Paganini prizes, HUANG was awarded the Gold Medal and Public Prize in the 2001 Sendai International Music Competition in Japan; Best Performance Prize in the 2001 Shanghai Spring International Festival, and the Second Prize in the 2000 Lipinsky and Wieniawsky International Violin Competition in Poland. In 2007, he received the first Montegrappa’s Genio Creativo Award, an annual international award for young talented artists who represent creativity and innovation in different fields of art from different countries. In the same year he also received a series of awards from Royal Academy of Music Foundation and Ricci Foundation.

Presenter: National Ballet of China Symphony Orchestra

Founded in 1959, National Ballet of China Symphony Orchestra is affiliated to National Ballet of China.

In the early stage of this orchestra, Chinese conductors including LI Delun, HAN Zhongjie, HUANG Feili, HUANG Yijun, LIN Kechang and other famous conductors have cooperated with this orchestra.

Since the reform and opening up in China, led by Mrs. ZHAO Ruheng (former President of National Ballet of China Symphony Orchestra), this orchestra has made considerable progress in art production. When world-famous French conductor Jean Perrsion performed in China, he personally paid a visit to this orchestra and offer instructions. Ashley Lawrence (Chief Conductor of National Symphony Orchestra of Peru) and Peter Larsen (Chief Conductor of the Royal Danish Ballet) joined hands with the orchestra for concerts. In addition, under the baton of such famous Chinese conductors as LI Guoquan, BIAN Zushan, HU Bingxu, CHEN Zuohuang, TAN Lihua, HU Yongyan, LI Xincao and YANG Yang, ballet dramas and symphony concerts, presented by this orchestra, are highly praised.

Since the early 21st century, this orchestra vigorously holds concerts and stages a number of works created by musicians during different eras and with different styles at NCPA Concert Hall. This orchestra has also cooperated with Max Pommer (famous German conductor, Music Director of MDR Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra and Music Director of Sapporo Symphony Orchestra), German conductor Schumolfs, famous German cellist Gustav Rivinius, famous tenor Jose Carreras, famous pianists Lang Lang, CHEN Sa and TAN Xiaotang, violinists Lu Siqing, NING Feng, HUANG Mengla, ZHU Dan and WEN Wei, Li-Wei Qin, famous Japanese animation musician Joe Hisaishi and many other world-class maestros.