The Tempest

Date:2018-08-06      Source:National Centre for the Performing Arts

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The Tempest

Venue: Theatre
Dates: August 09-15, 2018


The five-act play The Tempest is the last play Shakespeare wrote by himself, demonstrating his vision of the future of humanity in the late stages of his works. He depicts the sadness and joy in the world in his work and calls for the spirit of forgiveness, reconciliation, and charity. The peacefulness and atmosphere that it exhibits, as well as its desire for the future of mankind make it even more an immortal classic in literary history. As the NCPA’s fourth production of Shakespeare’s masterpieces following A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet and King Lear, this production also assembles a group of outstanding creative and actor teams. The well-known drama and film director, Tim Supple will be the director of the play, and the famous Chinese performing artist, PU Cunxin will play the role of the exiled Duke of Milan, Prospero.

Meanwhile, The Tempest is one of the excellent dramas in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Shakespeare Folio Project, which is set to explore a new direction for Shakespearean drama translations, taking into consideration suitability for dramatic presentations, ease of actors’ reading, and the improvements of popular audience appreciation and to introduce new translations of Shakespearean scripts.

Playwright: William Shakespeare
Script Translator: So Kwok Wan

Director: Tim Supple
Dramaturg: Katie Ebner-Landy
Set Designer: LIU Xinglin
Costume Designer: ZHAO Tong
Movement Director/Choreographer: WANG Yabin
Composer/Music Director: Barry Ganberg
Music Accompaniment Designer: Barry Ganberg and Tulegur Gangzi
Lighting Designer: TAN Hua
Sound Designers: ZHOU Ziyu, LIU Fengshuo
Deputy Director: ZHA Wenyuan

Script Editor/Compilation Coordinator: WENG Shihui (Translation Project Supervisor)

Prospero: PU Cunxin
Miranda: LI Xiaomeng
Ariel: DONG Wenliang*
Caliban: WANG Haowei*
Alonso: ZHAO Ling*
Gonzalo: CAI Hongxiang
Ferdinand: CHEN Xiwen*
Antonio: FENG Yang*
Sebastian: WANG Qianyu*
Adrian: LI Xichang*
Francisco: YANG Qi*
Stephano:WU Song*
Trinculo: YU Mengchao*
Captain: LIU Wenyi*
Boatswain: FU Pengxu
Spirits/Sailors: ZHANG Shuojie*, LIU Beibei*, LIU Xiaowen*, XU Zixuan*, YAO Ruikun*, Ding Jiayi, LIU Ning, LIU Yixuan, Refayili, WANG Yu
Musicians: TONG Zhigang, MA Yuan
* repsesents members of NCPA Drama Ensemble


A ship runs aground on the shore of a small island during a violent tempest. On the island, Prospero, a learned man with supernatural powers, tells his daughter Miranda the truth of the past: 12 years ago, he was the Duke of Milan. However, his younger brother Antonio colluded with Alonso (the king of Naples, a sworn enemy for Prospero) and usurpeded his dukedom. Prospero and his three-year-old daughter Miranda were cast away at sea. By luck, they survived and drifted to an isolated island.

Prospero calls forth a tempest at sea because the old enemies, who cruelly exiled him in the past, i.e., Antonio, Alonso and Alonso’s sister Sebastian are on the ship, as well as Gonzalo, Alonso’s son Ferdinand, nobles, sailors, crew, Alonso’s wine servants and jesters Stephano and Trinculo. Prospero enslaves the spirits on the island, including the most powerful spirit Ariel. The deformed monster Caliban is also enslaved, whose mother was a witch who had previously ruled the isolated island.

The members of nobility are sent into safety by Prospero on the island, so as to test, torture and intimidate them. Stephano and Trinculo come across Caliban after they go ashore. The spirit Ariel leads the way for Prince Ferdinand alone to visit Miranda. On a small island, everyone will undergo tremendous ups and downs within one day…


So Kwok Wan
Script Translator

Tim Supple

Katie Ebner-Landy

LIU Xinglin
Set Designer

Costume Designer

WANG Yabin
Movement Director/Choreographer

Barry Ganberg
Composer/Music Director

Lighting Designer

ZHOU Ziyu, LIU Fengshuo
Sound Designers

ZHA Wenyuan
Deputy Director


PU Cunxin
as Prospero

LI Xiaomeng
as Miranda

DONG Wenliang
as Ariel

WANG Haowei
as Caliban

as Alonso

CAI Hongxiang
as Gonzalo

CHEN Xiwen
as Ferdinand

as Antonio

WANG Qianyu
as Sebastian

LI Xichang
as Adrian

as Francisco

WU Song
as Stephano

YU Mengchao
as Trinculo

LIU Wenyi
as Captain

FU Pengxu
as Boatswain

GUO Shuojie
as Spirit/Sailor

LIU Beibei
as Spirit/Sailor

LIU Xiaowen
as Spirit/Sailor

XU Zixuan

YAO Ruikun
as Spirit/Sailor

DING Jiayi
as Spirit/Sailor

LIU Ning
as Spirit/Sailor

LIU Yixuan
as Spirit/Sailor

as Spirit/Sailor

as Spirit/Sailor

TONG Zhigang
as Musician

MA Yuan
as Musician