Swan Lake

Date:2018-09-10      Source:National Centre for the Performing Arts

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Kharkiv National Opera and Ballet Theater Swan Lake & La Bayadère

Venue:Opera House
Dates:September 20-23, 2018


The two ballets brought by the Kharkiv National Opera and Ballet Theatre occupy a decisive position in the history of ballet, even regarded as two of the first three ballets in many people’s hearts.

Tchaikovsky’s four-act ballet Swan Lake is recognized as the most famed ballet, which premiered in 1877. As Tchaikovsky’s best-known masterpiece, Swan Lake is the first ballet to be performed with two people dancing together. Today, Swan Lake remains a model for dancers and a paragon of realist ballets.

La Bayadère is a classic work created when classical ballet was at its heyday, a period earlier than the composition of Swan Lake and it was based on this work that many classics were produced. The music in La Bayadère sets a precedent for ballets based on its symphonic structure, which is also considered the hardest-to-perform ballet in the circle, that reflects a ballet ensemble’s comprehensive strength. Well-designed are both the solo and group dances, of which the “Specter Kingdom” is a rare pas.


Kharkiv National Opera and Ballet Theater

Kharkiv National Opera and Ballet Theater is one of the oldest musical theatres in former USSR and Ukraine. Performance have been staged in Kharkiv for more than 200 years (The first stationary theatre in Ukraine was opened in Kharkiv in 1789). In that time such leading figures of opera art as Shalyapin, Nezhdanova, Sobinov, Battistini had taken parts in performances.

In October, 1925, the first state opera theatre was founded in Kharkov. Majority of Soviet Opera and Ballet stars performed on Kharkiv Opera and Ballet Theatre’s stage at one time or another, and many of them had started their career here. Brilliant artists who were born on Kharkov stage adorn opera and ballet companies of Kiev, Moscow and numerous European cities nowadays.

Since October 1991 our theater has worked in a new building (almost 2000 seats in total). About 700 highly qualified artists, engineers, technicians and service personnel work today at Kharkiv Opera, providing almost 50 names of operas and ballets, giving nearly 200 shows on native stages, and 100-150 abroad annually.

The theater is successful internationally, touring regularly to many countries – from Western Europe to China, South Korea and Japan.