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Deep in Memory

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Deep in Memory

Jiangsu Performing Arts Group Deep in Memory

Venue:Opera House
Dates:December 08-09, 2018


Deep in Memory is a dance drama of relatively independent but interlinked plots written based on the 1937 “Nanjing Massacre” under the theme of witnesses’ memories from the perspective of Chinese-American writer Iris Chang’s exploration on the Massacre. Despite differences from character to character, there is a same message: this work is in memory of all the sufferings and pains experienced by China in the name of peace.

Iris Chang serving as a clue, witnesses’ memories of the holocaust are set out in Deep in Memory along the main line of real historical figures: John Rabe, Minnie Vautrin, LI Xiuying and Shiro Azuma.

History Consultant: ZHU Chengshan
Literature Consultant: LUO Huaizhen
Playwright&Chief Director: TONG Ruirui
Executive Producer: MENG Zhiheng
Composer: GUO Sida
Choreographers: HE Tao, LI Hongjun
Set&Lighting Chief Designer: REN Dongsheng
Set Designer: WANG Lifeng
Costume Designers: Akuan, LI Yuduo
Projection Designer: HU Bo
Hair Style Designer: XU Bin
Props Designer: HONG Liang
Choreographer Assistants: QIN Xi, YUAN Weiyu

Presented by Song and Dance Drama Theatre of Jiangsu Performing Arts Group, Jiangsu Soul of Dance Art Theatre Co., Ltd.
Iris Chang: TANG Shiyi
LI Xiuying: QIN Xi
Shiro Azuma: QU Jicheng
John Rabe: HU Xingdong
Minnie Vautrin: SONG Fei'er
Japanese Right-winger: PAN Cong
Shiro Azuma's Mother: GAO Chengcheng
Shiro Azuma's Foster Mother: YUAN Weiyu
Aged LI Xiuying: HUANG Ying

Director's Note

11 years ago, I made a dance drama titled Nanjing 1937. It's my first dance drama, but after long years it still has a place in my heart. Because I think this part shouldn’t be beried in silence: Nanjing Massacre, a pain in the depth of the national memory, ought to be staged in an artistic form to let younger generations know the history, how horrible dehumanization in the war is, and how compassion shines through.

So, I thought of creating Deep in Memory 11 years later. It doesn’t have a linear structure as Nanjing 1937 does, but takes Iris Chang as a clue to show how some witnesses of the Nanjing Massacre such as John Rabe and Minnie Vautrin, survivors, reporters and confessors recall the history and Japanese right-wing forces deny the history; rape, massacre, witness, confession and denial are chosen as keywords to constitute relatively independent but interlinked plots to convey the same message from different angles. Different expressions in the parallel space make the dance drama look more lifelike, and produce strong artistic effects by comparison. Behind each plot are individual memories spreading to collective memories and humans’ shared memories.


Jiangsu Performing Arts Group

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Source: National Centre for the Performing Arts
Date: 2018-12-03