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The Home Front

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The Home Front

JoyWay Comedy The Home Front Directed by LIU Dan

Venue:Multi-functional Theatre
Dates:December 06-09, 2018


The Home Front is set in the background when Song and Liao Dynasties are at war against each other. Song Dynasty, next to the Liao Dynasty, trys to rescue a “woman that has been taken away by the Liao people for marriage by force”. Therefore, a series of contradictions emerge: How to choose between personal interest and national interest?

The story takes place in “Baihudang,” a sparsely-populated place on the border between the Song and Liao in the late Song Dynasty. There are a group of frustrated people: Xuniang, a beautiful widow; Xiaolian, an insatiable married woman; a butcher that cannot work anymore; a scholar that fails to pass the imperial examinations; an old landlord that amuses himself, and Ge’anu, a soldier of the Liao Dynasty.

The villagers of Baihudang, are enraged by Ge’anu because he takes Xuniang away by force. The villagers try to cross the border several times to rescue her, but only end at being attracted by the rich Liao Dynasty. They gradually forget their original intention and lost in the material enjoyment. Where will they go when their visa expires? How to treat cross-country love? Which side should they stand by when the two countries are at war? Should they choose national interests or personal interests? Facing all these questions, they finally choose to return to their hometown and consider themselves “a royal member of their motherland when they are alive, or a soul of their motherland after death.”

Hot topics, such as “patriotism”, “immigration”, “visa” and “old-age support” in the story are humorous and thought-provoking. Created by JoyWay Drama, The Home Front is one of the three pure black comedies which discloses bare human nature after Mr. Donkey.


DONG Tianyi



JoyWay Drama

JoyWay Drama is a firm supporter of China’s film, television and drama industry, which has achieved high-level artistic achievements and commercial success in drama and theatre fields. It owns two brands, namely “Play in the Future” and “Monster Movie”. JoyWay Drama is subordinate to JoyWay Cuisine and one of the largest private drama production companies in Beijing. With a disruptive interpretation of traditional drama, JoyWay Drama is committed to producing dramas for Chinese families.

Over the last seven years since its founding, JoyWay Drama has created and produced 23 excellent works including a black humour trilogy, Mr. Donkey, Dance of the Cavalry and Peep Show, stage plays such as Northeast Past, King of Heroes, No War but Love, and The Left Ear, and musical plays such as Go! Slippers and The Master. The works have been performed for over 1,000 times in more than 43 cities, attracting over one million audiences from an area of 9.63 million square meters. It has been awarded a range of honours for performing arts in China, including One Drama Award and Zi Jin Award, and has been recognized by media as China’s Mackintosh. JoyWay Drama is the fastest growing and most popular team among all Chinese drama teams. Based on high-class black humour, JoyWay Drama’s works express an unyielding spirit and a self-deprecating attitude toward life.

Its representatives include black humour comedies Mr. Donkey and Three to Tango, cross talk dramas Dream Home and The Grandfather of the Empress Dowager, a large youth inspirational drama Northeast Past adapted from KONG Ergou’s novel, a stage performance The Thief adapted from XIAO Yanzhong’s comic, a stage performance The Left Ear adapted from RAO Xueman’s youth novel, a large fantasy stage performance King of Heroes adapted from the most exciting animated film in 2015, and China’s first traditional Chinese medicine musical drama The Master.

Launched in 2017, the Belt and Road & Play and City Plan has been implemented in 10 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an and Chongqing. Zhongnan Mountain has entered the rehearsal stage in Xi’an and will be staged in 2018. JoyWay Drama is devoted to creating a play for each city, hoping that the play will become a new cultural identity of the city.

Source: National Centre for the Performing Arts
Date: 2018-12-03