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Sandalwood Death

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Sandalwood Death

Shandong University of Arts Sandalwood Death (Opera Commission)

Venue:Opera House
Dates:December 04-05, 2018


Opera Sandalwood Death, adapted from award winner of Nobel Prize Literature MO Yan’s full-length novel of the same title, tells a story of national enmity and family hatred that takes place in the late Qing Dynasty, when locals at Shandong Peninsula fight against the German troops.

The libretto is written by Chinese writers MO Yan and LI Yuntao, a professor at Shandong University of Arts who has also composed music for the opera. It is MO's first literary work adapted into an opera and the adaption took six years. The opera was performed at the Third China Opera Festival on January 2nd-3rd, 2018.

Chief Planner: MA Donghua
Executive Presenter: WANG Like
Planners: Kong Xianghua, LIU Xiaojing, LAN Shaotong

Librettists: MO Yan, LI Yuntao
Composer: LI Yuntao
Stage Director: CHEN Wei
Conductor: ZHANG Guoyong
Deputy Stage Director: LI Dahai
Set Designer: LIU Kedong
Lighting Designer: WANG Qi
Costume Designer: PENG Dinghuang
Make-up&Hair Style Designer: SHEN Miao
Props Designer: LI Hongchao
Assistant Conductor/Side Stage Conductor: JIANG Yang
Chorus Master: HE Qingtao

Meiniang: SONG Yuanming
QIAN Ding: HAN Peng
SUN Bing: WU Kan
ZHAO Jia: WANG Lifu/XU Mingzhe
County Magistrate's Wife: DONG Yanyan/FAN Yating
Xiaojia: JIAN Guangfu
Story-telling Opera Artist: YAO Zhongxian
Beggars: JI Maochun, ZHU Hongkun, ZHANG Kai, ZHU Hui, GAO Zhenyu

Presenters: Shandong University of Arts, Qindao Symphony Orchestra


In the opera, there is a folk artisan SUN Bing, who leads the anti-colonial struggle and is sentenced to “sandalwood death.” With “execution” as the mainline, the story develops around the life and death of the heroine SUN Meiniang as well as her father, godfather and father-in-law...revealing Chinese people’s national character and patriotism that makes them defy brute force and spare no effort to stand against it.

Source: National Centre for the Performing Arts
Date: 2018-12-03