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Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation

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Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation


Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation carrys the following responsbilities:


1. Carry out the national guide lines, policies and laws, codes, regulations about the development of transportation industry; study and draft out local protocol laws and regulations on transportation in Beijing, and supervise and inspect the implementation.

2.Take charge of the investigation and research of momentous problems about the strategic development and the reform of Beijing's transportation, and put forward specific scheme to deal with these problems.

3.Participate in Beijing's macro city planning and do research on transportation programming in detailed city planning; take charge of auditing the evaluative blue print of the transportation influence in grand city construction; take charge of the examination of the contents concerning transportation in the roadway construction projects planning scheme under the administration of Beijing municipality.

4.Organize the stipulation of the long and medium-term layout about roadway and the supporting facilities construction and the transportation industry; study and propose the annual urban roadway construction plan; organize the stipulation of the annual plan for the usage of special transportation fund, and take charge of the overall balance and report of roadway construction project; work together with related departments to supervise and check the implementation of the plan for the transportation construction project.

5.Participate in the study and implementation of the investment and financing policies of transportation development building funds.

6.Organize the stipulation of the administrative rules over the operation qualifications and market admittance in Beijing's transportation industry; study and make up the local technical standards and operation service criteria about transportation, roadway construction project acceptance and roadway maintenance.

7.Participate in making the charging criterion of the transportation industry in Beijing.

8.Organize and coordinate with related departments to study and draft out the scheme for transportation organization; cooperate with other departments to solve the integrating problems occurred in transportation; deal with the important unexpected incidents in transportation industry; participate in disposing important transportation accidents.

9.Take charge of drafting out the layout and scheme for technological development in transportation industry; instruct the research, development and promotion of the important technological transportation items.

10.Organize and instruct the building of intelligence transportation system and the construction of information system in the transportation industry in Beijing.

11.Take charge of the publicity and comprehensive statistics of the transportation industry in Beijing.

12.Take charge of the foreign exchange and cooperation in Beijing's transportation industry.

13.Be responsible for the fostering and standardization of the transportation industry association and social agencies.

14.Be responsible for the administration of the Transportation War Preparedness Office of Beijing Municipal National Defense Mobilization Committee and Beijing Municipal Transportation Development Research Center.

15.Undertake other issues delivered by the municipal government.

16.According to the regulations in provided for in Notice on the Adjustment and Establishment of Beijing Municipal Committee of Communications, it will take charge of Beijing Municipal Roadway Administration Bureau, Beijing Municipal Transportation Administration Bureau (Municipal Maritime Administration), and Beijing Municipal Transportation Law Enforcement General Team.

Source: eBeijing.gov.cn
Date: 2009-02-25