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The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice

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The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice is a component of the Beijing Municipal Government, working on justice administration. Its main duties are:

1. To make drafts of local laws and regulations; to make developing schemes and annual plans on justice administration and supervise their implementation;

2. To organize and instruct the settlement of people released from the prison or free from re-education-through-labor;

3. To work on the construction and instruction of the local justice administration team;

4. To make the general scheme on organization, instruction and arrangement of citywide legal publicity and education;

5. To administrate local attorneys, legal aid activities, notarization organizations and activities; to make research and give suggestions on the reform and development of attorney and notarization work;

6. To administrate local legal service organizations and domestic and foreign lawyer offices situated in Beijing; to supervise and instruct the community work of the local justice system;

7. To instruct the law education and business training of the local justice system;

8. To instruct the work of district and county divisions on civil mediation, community rectification, work of justice assistants and offices on root-level legal services;

9. To work on the foreign affairs concerning the local justice system, providing information to and communication with foreign countries;

10. To instruct and administrate the judicial authentication service open to the public;

11. To administrate the registration of local arbitration organizations;

12. To organize the National Judicial Examination in Beijing;

13. To work on the community rectification in Beijing;

14. To work on additional items as assigned by the municipal government.

It administrates Beijing Bureau of Prison Administration and the Beijing Bureau of Re-education-through-labor administration.

Source: eBeijing.gov.cn
Date: 2009-03-09