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Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage

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Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage


The Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage, an organ directly under the Municipal Government, is responsible for the administration of the cultural heritage and museums in the city. Its major duties and obligations are:

Executing state laws, rules and regulations, and policies concerning cultural heritage and museums, supervising and overseeing enforcement of rules; drafting local laws and regulations concerning cultural heritage and museums; and making development plans for cultural heritage and museums.
Responsible for recommending and applying for cultural heritage protection sites and world cultural heritage status; studying and initiating, supervising and implementing the protection plans for famous historic-cultural sites and historic-cultural protection areas; defining and demarcating the scope for cultural heritage protection units; studying and formulating ideas on the construction control area around the defined and demarcated cultural heritage protection sites; verifying the construction projects in the construction control areas.

Guiding and coordinating the operations of museums in the Beijing area; verifying and approving the establishment and major item alteration of museums; organizing exchange and cooperation between museums; responsible for the administration of the authentication, allocation and exchanges of cultural relics in different museum collections; and responsible for museum construction within the system.

Responsible for the applying for approval for such projects as the renovation, rush repairs and reinforcement, relocation and restoration of cultural heritage projects, and conducting inspection and acceptance; verifying the removal, relocation, and demolishing of cultural heritage protection units.

Responsible for the archaeological finding, exploration and excavation in the city; studying and formulating ideas on preserving underground cultural relics embedded zones; and responsible for the allocation of unearthed cultural relics.

Responsible for administrative and legal enforcement of cultural heritages; supporting related departments in investigating and handling lawbreaking cases concerning cultural heritages.

Responsible for the administration and operation of scattered cultural relics; for cultural relics supervision in second-hand markets; for the approval and supervision of cultural relics shops; and for the authentication and administration of cultural relics leaving and entering China.

Responsible for the publicity work of cultural heritage protection; organizing cultural relics exchange and display with domestic and overseas organizations, as well as those in Hong Kong Special Administration Region (SAR), Macao SAR and Taiwan region.

Planning and guiding the professional training in the cultural heritage and museums system; organizing scientific research and protection of cultural heritages.

Guiding the districts, counties and related sections in the administration of cultural heritages. Undertaking other matters assigned by the Municipal Government.

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Date: 2013-11-13