Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports


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Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports has the following main functions:

1. Draft local statistical regulations and statues; oversee the implementation of statistical laws and regulations and report to the Standing Committee of Beijing Municipal People's Congress, the Municipal Government and relevant departments of the Central Government.

2. Organize and coordinate statistical work and national economic accounting of districts, counties and government departments; implement the national economic accounting regime, various statistical standards and unified basic national statistical systems; formulate local statistical survey system; review and approve statistical survey plans and programs of various departments.

3. Organize and conduct general survey on national strength and national conditions; work out plans for general and targeted local survey and put them into implementation after approval.

4. Gather basic statistical information of the city, make statistical analysis and forecast about national economy, social development and S&T progress, and provide statistical information and consultancy.

5. Check, verify, manage and publicize basic statistical data of the city, make public relevant information concerning municipal economic and social development.

6. Determine the qualifications of foreign-related and non-governmental survey agencies, review and approve their projects, oversee their activities, and check their information for release.

7. Plan the municipal statistical information project; establish, manage and improve the automated statistical information system and database of statistical information; formulate basic norms and rules of operation for statistical networks in districts, counties and different sectors.

8. Assist the National Bureau of Statistics in managing and leading urban, rural and enterprise socio-economic survey teams.

9. Guide statistical education and training; examine professional statistical titles and conduct aptitude tests in this respect.

10. Undertake other duties assigned by the Municipal Government.