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Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press and Publication

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Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press and Publication (Municipal Copyright Bureau) is an organ directly under the city government responsible for the managements of the city's news publication activities and the copyrights. For the copyright management, it carries out the authority exclusively in the name of Beijing Municipal Copyright Bureau.

(1) To draft the local decrees and regulations for the managements of news publications, copyright in the city; To plan for the development of city's news publications and copyrights and organized the execution; To take part in making the policies and measures relating the city's news publications and the copyrights.

(2)To be responsible for qualification checking and approval formalities to the newly established publication units (including the publication entities, newspaper offices, periodical offices, etc., for the books, the audio and video products and the electronic publications, similarly hereinafter ) in Beijing area (including the central government organs, and army units); To be responsible for the checking and approval of the newly established printing enterprises and the publishing entities (including the books, newspapers, periodicals, audio and video products and the electronic publications) in Beijing area, and submit for approval of the foreign invested enterprises; To be responsible for the collected management of the copyrights and the checking and approval formalities for foreign related enterprises in Beijing area; To be responsible for the registration, annual inspections of the units in publication, printing, copying and publishing in Beijing area and the filing of the electronic publication units.

(3)To conduct supervising and management over the activities of the news publications (including the publishing of the publications, printing and copying, publishing); To work out the market management regulations for books, newspapers, periodicals, audio and video and electronic publications; To investigate and deal with the ban violating publications, and investigate and deal with the law/ decree violating activities of the entities in publishing, printing, copying and publishing according to laws and decrees.

(4)To organize reading the publications issued by the city's publication units and those already entered the market; To carry out and execute the state policies on "anti-pornography" and "to strike the illegal publications" on the publication market, to organize and coordinate the publication markets in Beijing area for their work in "anti-pornography" and "to strike the illegal publications".

(5)To supervise and manage the printing industry in Beijing area.

(6)To be responsible for managing the audio and video publication activities, audio and video markets.

(7)To be responsible for handling the international interchanges and co-operations of the news publications and copyrights in Beijing; Manage and coordinate the import and export of the books, newspapers and electronic publications.

(8)To be responsible for the management of the copyrights in the art and literature and science works; Mediate the disputes in copyrights according to the law; To organize to check and deal with right and law violations in Beijing area.

(9)To be responsible of working out the development plan for the scientific and technology development in the news publication industry in Beijing area and guide the executions, to organize and coordinate the science and technology work in news publication industry.

(10)To organize the publication, printing and the publishing of the textbooks for the primary and middle schools.

(11)To be responsible for the sorting out, publishing and planning of the ancient books.

(12)To be responsible for making the plans and organizing the executions for the team construction, talents cultivation of the news publications and the copyrights management; And responsible for educational training to the staffs and the professional titles management in the news publications and copyrights.

(13)To manage the related work of the state-owned book stores and the subordinating units

(14)To conduct in other work items entrusted by the municipal government.

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Date: 2003-09-24