Beijing Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection

Date:2008-02-19      Source:

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Beijing Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection, directly affiliated to the Municipal Government, is in charge of the environmental protection work of the city. It has the following main functions:

1. Draft local environmental protection regulations and rules according to relevant state laws and regulations; formulate the municipal environmental protection plan; supervise the implementation of pollution-prevention plans and ecological preservation in key areas and key river valleys designated by the State and the Municipal Government.

2. Oversee and manage the prevention and treatment of pollution concerning the atmosphere, water, soil, noise, solid waste, poisonous chemicals and automobiles.

3. Take charge of work related to nuclear safety, radiation environment and radioactive waste management and draft relevant regulations and standards; take part in emergency responses to nuclear and radiation environment accidents; supervise nuclear facility safety, electromagnetic radiation, nuclear technology application and pollution prevention and treatment in radioactive resources mining.

4. Oversee the development and exploration of natural resources that has a bearing on the ecology, and key ecological preservation and rehabilitation work; supervise the environmental protection of natural reserves, scenic spots and forest parks; monitor the protection of bio-diversity, wild life, wetland and prevention of desertification; examine and approve the establishment of new municipal-level natural reserves.

5. Coordinate the settlement of major environmental problems; investigate into major environment pollution and ecological destruction incidents; coordinate the settlement of disputes over environmental pollution in land areas and river valleys between districts and counties; organize and coordinate pollution-prevention work in key water valleys; carry out administrative inspection of environmental monitoring and protection; coordinate the inspection of the enforcement of laws and regulations on environmental protection in the city.

6. In line with the national standards and the specific conditions of the city, draft local pollution emission standards and local environmental quality standards for items not included in state regulations, and publicize the local standards according to set procedures; examine the environmental protection items in the master plan of the city (including townships); organize the compiling of environmental quality report; regularly release reports on air and water quality conditions and on environmental conditions of the city, and participate in drafting the outline on sustainable development of the city.

7. Draft and implement the environmental management systems; examine and approve environmental impact reports of development and construction activities according to state regulations; guide the integrated treatment of urban and rural environment; supervise the ecology preservation in the rural areas; guide the establishment of ecological demonstration zones and eco-friendly agriculture in districts and counties.

8. Organize scientific development, major scientific research and technical demonstration projects on environmental protection; take charge of the environmental management systems and environment certification; implement the qualification confirmation system of the city; guide the development of the environmental protection industry.

9. Take charge of the environment monitoring, statistics and information work; formulate regulations and standards for environment monitoring; set up and manage the environment monitoring network and environment information network of the city; organize the monitoring of the environment quality and pollution sources of the city; guide and coordinate public awareness and education campaigns on environmental protection.

10. Conduct foreign exchanges and cooperation on environmental protection; deal with foreign-related environmental protection affairs in Beijing Municipality as entrusted by the Municipal Government and the State Environmental Protection Administration.

11. Coordinate reforms of relevant counties and townships on environmental protection administration system.

12. Undertake other duties assigned by the Beijing Municipal Government.