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Beijing Municipal Commission of Population and Family Planning

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Beijing Municipal Commission of Population and Family Planning


Beijing Municipal Commission of Population and Family Planning has the following main functions:

1. Study and draft local laws and regulations on population and family-planning; assist departments concerned in formulating relevant social and economic policies with a view to promoting the comprehensive management of population and family-planning work.

2. Study the population development strategy of the city, study and draw up medium- and long-range plans and annual plan for the city's family-planning work according to the population control goal set by the state and the national medium- and long-range plans and annual plan for family-planning; work out plans for the development of the city's family-planning undertakings; collect family-planning statistics, organize and carry out family-planning sample survey and participate in the analysis of the city's demographic data.

3. Organize comprehensive and foresight research on major issues in population and family-planning.

4. Oversee the family-planning work among Beijing's migrated population from other parts of the country.

5. Design the city's plan for publicity and education work related to population and family-planning; organize and carry out the publicity and education work in this area.

6. Exercise comprehensive management over the city's technical service for family-planning; organize the formulation of the plan and regulations on reproductive health service, which covers reproduction, birth control and sterility; assist the public health department in improving the health quality of new-born babies; guide and supervise the dissemination of methods, contraceptives and devices for family-planning; organize the appraisal, distribution and application of the new technologies, products and methods about family-planning.

7. Compile and report on the budgets and final accounts of operating expenses and basic expenditure of family-planning and the total demand of contraceptives and devices; manage the financial affairs and state assets of those agencies directly affiliated to it.

8. Initiate plans for building a contingent of family-planning workers, and their education and training.

9. Be responsible for the city's cooperation and exchanges with other countries in the area of population and family-planning and manage relevant international assistance and cooperation projects.

10. Undertake other duties assigned by the Beijing Municipal Government.



Date: 2008-02-19