Beijing Municipal Bureau of Public Security


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Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, a component of Beijing government, is responsible for the public security in Beijing, bearing the following duties:

1. Implement the guidelines and policies of public security, draft out local regulations, and organize and carry out the work on public security in Beijing;

2. Learn the situation that impact the stability of policies and do harm to national and social security, and formulate and implement relevant countermeasures;

3. Prevent, stop and inspect violations and crimes, deal with security accidents and commotion, manage assemblies, parades and demonstrations, and control special industries and hazard articles;

4. Safeguard traffic security and order, and handle traffic accidents;

5. Organize and carry out fire control, and make supervision on fire control;

6. Serve as the guard of the state and Communist Party leaders and important foreign guests;

7. Manage according to laws the household register, nationality, entry and exit and the affairs related to foreigners' residence and travel in Beijing;

8. Execute penalty to the criminals who are condemned to surveillance, detention and deprivation of political rights and those who shall serve a sentence outside the prison; supervise and examine the criminals on probation and parole; manage according to laws such places as detention houses, penitentiaries, houses of correction for drug addicts, and retreats;

9. Take charge in the security monitoring of public information networks;

10. Give guidance and supervision on the public security of national organs, society communities, enterprises and public institutions, and key construction projects, and guide the security defense organized by the public, such as public security committees;

11. Take charge in the work on house and rehabilitate and reeducation through labor;

12. Carry out the work on scientific technology of public security and the construction of public security information technology, criminal technique and action technology;

13. Take change in the police affairs guaranty of the departments directly under the city bureau, such as public security equipment, outfit, and fund, and guide the police affairs guaranty of county-level sub-bureaus, such as equipment and finance;

14.Work out and implement the rules and regulations for the management of all of the public security teams in Beijing, organize and carry out the education, training and public security propaganda for the policemen all over the bureau, manage cadres and police ranks according to limit of authority, make supervision on police affairs, and investigate and prosecute the break of laws and violation of disciplines in Beijing's public security teams;

15. Lead the public security fire brigades and escorts, and lead and conduct the armed police forces to perform public security businesses and make relevant construction;

16.Undertake other affairs assigned by municipal Party committee, Beijing government and the Ministry of Public Security.