2018 Spring Festival
2018 Spring Festival.jpg
The origin of the Spring Festival now is too old to be traced. It is widely believed that the word "Nian"(in Chinese means "year")...
Sino-Italy Culture Year
A page on the Sino-Italy culture year of 2006 with news, events, and features from that year
Beijing-Seoul Photo Exhibition
A photo gallery of images celebrating the friendship between Beijing and Seoul
Peking Opera
On April 8, 2017, Experience Beijing Opera Facial Make-up Event was held in Beijing Fenglei Peking Opera Troupe.
Experience Capital Museum
The Capital Museum contributes to Beijing's standing as a famous historical and cultural city, a cultural centre and an international metropolis.
Stories of Jade Carving
Jade articles have always been regarded by Chinese people as the symbol of status. In ancient times, rich people often wore jade.
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