Dragon Boat Festival
Dragon Boat Festival.jpg
Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month of the Chinese calendar. Chinese call this day as Duan-Wu.
Kite Making
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The kite originated in the Spring and Autumn Period of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty in China.
International Museum Day 2018
International Museum Day.jpg
The worldwide community of museums will celebrate International Museum Day on and around 18 May 2018.
Beijing 2017 Celebrating International Day of Families Together
2018 Spring Festival
2018 Spring Festival.jpg
The origin of the Spring Festival now is too old to be traced. It is widely believed that the word "Nian"(in Chinese means "year")...
Sino-Italy Culture Year
A page on the Sino-Italy culture year of 2006 with news, events, and features from that year
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