Matthew's Blog
I would like to share my experiences of being foreigner in Beijing on a path to becoming a Beijinger.
Bernhard's Blog
Together with my wife and two children we moved in October 2015 from Berlin to Beijing. This is our 6th country to call it a "temporary home".
Philipp's Blog
Welcome to my personal blog – a daily adventure in Beijing.
Konrad's Beijing Blog
Konrad 180 110.jpg
Inspired by my compatriot and one of the greatest writers of the 20th century Joseph Conrad I make each of my days in China an adventure.
Michael's Blog
Michael's Blog
Welcome to my blog. I first moved to China from the USA in 1998. I've lived in Hohhot and Beijing, where I've worked as a university teacher and author.
Louis's Beijing Blog
Louis's Beijing Blog
In this blog, I write about some of the things that stand out to me on my first visit to Beijing.
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