Spring in Beijing
Spring in Beijing.jpg
Standing amid the sea of flowers in the park, you can see that spring has come to every corner of the capital. The flowers greet you, showing vitality and new life.
Autumn in Beijing
Autumn in Beijing.jpg
Autumn is the Beijing's finest season. The gardens of the city are alight with the red of maple leaves, and the yellow of chrysanthemum. The days shorten, the air is crisp.
10 Iconic Buildings in Beijing
10 Iconic Buildings in Beijing.jpg
We show you some of the architectural attractions in Beijing which are worthwhile to visit.
144-hour Visa Free Policy
144 Visa-free Transit.jpg
2019 Beijing Expo
Beijing Expo 2019.jpg
The expo is an A1-rating exposition and focuses on a healthy lifestyle.
Visit Tiananmen Square to Feel Beijing
2017 Tiananmen Square (15).jpg
The 17-meter-tall basket with the theme of "Good Luck, China" was installed at the center of the Tiananmen Square.
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