Selection of Photography Works Themed by "Zhihua Temple Captured by Photographers"


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The year of 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and the Beijing Cultural Exchange Museum will hold an exhibition themed by “Images of Zhihua Temple captured by photographers”; it is expected to reflect the great importance attached to cultural relics protection in Beijing and even the whole country by the party and the state, as well as the results achieved since the founding of the PRC. The photography works of Zhihua Temple are openly collected from the public. All the finalists will be printed into a brochure, some of which will be selected for exhibition of “Images of Zhihua Temple captured by photographers”. The notice of the collection is as follows:
I. Photography theme
"Zhihua Temple captured by photographers”
II. The content of photography works
The photography works to be collected are based on the ancient architecture and historical relics of Zhihua Temple, with changes that took place in the past 70 years since the founding of the PRC as main line; it is to show the beauty of the Zhihua Temple captured by photographers in combination with creative ideas of the photographers themselves.
III. The arrangement of collection of photography works
1. The collection period: from the middle of February to the middle of April, 2019;
2. The selection period: the second half of April, 2019;
IV. Requirements on photography works
1. Old photos, new photos, colorful photos, black and white photos, single or group photos are all accepted. 
2. The number of works submitted should not be more than 10 per person for single photos; while for group photos, it should be no more than two groups with less than 5 photos for each group, and photos shall be marked with consecutive numbers. 
3. The e-files of the works are in JPG format; for old photos, the file size is not limited; while size for new photos is 5MB -15MB; the naming format is “name of the work + author of the work”.
V. Selection method
The finalists will be selected by the experts based on the exhibition content and the artistic effect of photography. The authors of the finalists will receive a brochure entitled Zhihua Temple captured by photographers, and some of the finalists will be selected for the exhibition of “Images of Zhihua Temple captured by photographers”.
VI. Related requirements
1. Applicants are requested to download and fill in the Form of Collection Entitled Zhihua Temple Captured by Photographers and send both the works and form to The deadline for collection is April 15th.
2. The authors of the finalists are advised to take the brochure entitled “Zhihua Temple captured by photographers” themselves; if it is inconvenient, the authors should write down the address in the collection form, and the brochure will be mailed to the author by our staff. 
VII. Contact information
Contact: Jin Caixia
Contact number: 010-65257677; 13718400616
Beijing Cultural Exchange Museum
February 2019
Language assistance (English): If you have any questions, please call 84371696, or email to
eBeijing Team