500 drones present light show above sub-center, 120 Envoys to China Praise

Date:2019-10-31      Source:Beijing Foreign Affairs Office

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500 drones present light show above sub-center

On the night of October 21, 2019 Foreign Envoy Reception took place at the Administrative Office Area of Beijing Sub-center, with the participation of foreign envoys of 120 countries in China, representatives of international organizations in China, as well as their spouses. Cai Qi, Secretary of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee; Chen Jining, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Mayor of the Beijing Municipal People's Government; and Li Wei, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal People's Congress were present.

It was the first reception for foreign envoys after Beijing's municipal administrative organs moved into the sub-center. Chen addressed the reception, thanking foreign embassies in China and international organizations for their attention and support to Beijing's construction and development. Beijing has advanced with the times and the nation over the 70 years as the capital of China, said he. Guided by Xi Jinping's thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, we have firmly grasped Beijing's strategic position as the capital, resolutely advanced high-quality development, made progress and improved development quality while maintaining stability. Beijing has pressed ahead with a new round of opening-up, kept taking new steps during building an international metropolis, stuck to top standards, and constantly enhanced its international status and influence during serving the nation's international exchanges; has focused on improving innovation ecology and continuously enhanced innovation strength; has kept intensifying business environment reform, and perseveringly advanced the function dispersal and rectification action to improve urban environment. We warmly welcome foreign friends to Beijing for investment and development, to share new development opportunities in Beijing, and sincerely hope that you will continue your attention and support to Beijing's construction and development. Let's join hands to create a bright future for Beijing.

Abdullah Saleh Al Saadi, Omani Ambassador to China, delivered an address on behalf of foreign envoys in China. He congratulated Beijing on its achievements in ecological environment, technology innovation, opening-up and development, public services and other aspects, spoke highly of the planning and construction of Beijing Sub-center and preparations for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, and wished Beijing new greater success.

Prior to the reception, the foreign envoys and executives of international organizations visited Millennial Forest and Beijing Sub-center Planning & Construction Exhibition. At the reception, the attendees watched artistic performances.

Qian Hongshan, Vice Minister of the International Department, Central Committee of CPC; Liu Xianfa, Assistant Foreign Minister; Beijing's municipal leaders, including Lin Keqing, Du Feijin, Cui Shuqiang, Zhang Jiandong, Sui Zhenjiang and Li Wei; Li Xikui, Member of the Party Leadership Group and Secretary General of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries; and Liu Yunguang, Secretary General of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal People's Congress attended the reception.

A drone light show lights up the night sky of Beijing Sub-center

120 Envoys to China Praise Sub-center of Beijing

"Meet at Sub-center and chase dream in the new era". On the evening of October 21, the annual reception for foreign envoys to China was held for the first time in the administrative area of Beijing sub-center. A fleet of 500 drones staged a light show in the sky above the 1,000-year-old lookout forest, marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and sending a message to Beijing in the new era. The sub-center of Beijing, to the amazement of 120 foreign envoys and representatives of international organizations in China, made a perfect debut in front of the world.

Since the first reception for foreign envoys to China back in 2003, the event this time witnesses the largest number of visiting guests and highest organization standard. For the majority of envoys who have been stationing in China for many years, the sub-center of Beijing is no stranger at all, but it is the first time for them to visit in person. At Wenchang Pavilion, the highest point of 1,000-year-old lookout forest, a photo exhibition is telling people how the sub-center is planned and constructed. Looking to the north, the administrative office area is just across the water; looking to the south, "Oriental Green Star", the green heart spanning ten thousand mu at the heart of the city, is endless stretching. The scenery is vividly reflected in the couplet hanging on the Wenchang Pavilion: "Countless woods are flourishing under the sleeve, and the sympathy in a thousand years is rushing to my mind".

Envoys took photos and exchanged compliments in this beautiful scenery. In fluent Chinese, Mrs. Gabriele Gil-Feigl, Minister of the Austrian Embassy in Beijing, praised: "Seeing is believing. The architecture in the sub-center of the city is magnificent and the environment is pleasant. The advanced urban governance concept of Beijing is worth learning from for many cities around the world." Mr. William Hugh Klein Jr, Minister Counselor of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, cannot agree more. He said that in the past three years since he came to Beijing, the people here have extended gracious hospitality to him and his family. The development has changed Beijing dramatically and he is even more amazed in his trip to the sub-center.

The envoys were impressed not only by the pleasant color green, but also by the technological show. In the following performance, against the backdrop of the administrative building of the sub-center of the city and the night sky, a fleet of 500 drones designed and manufactured by Beijing Zero Tech formed graphics and words with changing lights, as bright as fireworks, as nimble as fireflies. "Welcome to Beijing", the logo of 70th anniversary of National Day Celebration, "I love you China", Beijing Daxing International Airport, Bing Dwen Dwen and Shuey Rhon Rhon, mascots of 2022 Winter Olympic Games, Tongzhou lighthouse and other graphics and words lit up the night sky. Every time the light and shadow transformed, a round of applause and cheers was aroused in the crowd. As grand finale, colorful characters "Meet at Sub-center and chase dream in the new era" built up to a powerful climax.

▲ Dance Legend of the Canal

"Like this city, the whole show is very technological," says H.E. Mr. Baudelaire Ndong Ella, Ambassador of Gabon to China. "I couldn't take my eyes off the show. I was told a long time ago that you can't blink in Beijing because if you do, you will miss what's new here, and that's true." Baudelaire talked energetically about his impression of working and living in Beijing. "The sky is getting bluer, the traffic better and the life here more convenient. I'm very proud to be working here, and I owe it all to the efforts of the Beijing municipal government and municipal Party committee."

▲ Children's Chorus We Are All Dreamers

The unforgettable night of performance that left a good impression on the envoys ended with the children's chorus We Are All Dreamers. H.E. Mr. Abdullah Saleh Al Saadi, Ambassador of Oman, also sent his best wishes to Beijing on behalf of diplomatic envoys to China: "We believe that Beijing will have a bright and beautiful future, to this we have no doubt. At the same time, we look forward to the 2022 Winter Olympics Games and other important events to be held in Beijing. I wish Beijing even greater success."

To know more

The performance of 500-drone fleet, praised as visual feast by Chinese and foreign guests, comes from Beijing Zero Tech, a science and technology innovator in Haidian District. The company has launched a number of formation flight package products. The performance team has staged indoor and outdoor drone formation flight performances in CCTV 2017, 2018 Spring Festival Gala, Magnificent Voyage, a special program of CCTV to celebrate the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and other important occasions. At present, the company has performed hundreds of drone performances in more than 50 cities nationwide and set a Guinness world record in Dubai.

The cute robot that greets the envoys before the reception is called "Youyou" (excellent friend). Developed by Beijing CANBOT, Youyou is the first humanoid server robot in China. It has made breakthroughs in deep voice interaction, robot vision, autonomous positioning and navigation, motion control, robot bionic simulation and modular design. With as much as 22 degrees of flexibility all over the body, Youyou can move like a real human, and her beautiful and lovely shape has won affection and affinity from people. She has also participated in the 70th anniversary celebration of the founding of the People's Republic of China, float tour of the World Horticultural Exposition and other major activities.

Bing Dwen Dwen and Shuey Rhon Rhon, Winter Olympics Games and Winter Paralympics mascots greeting diplomatic envoys at the door, are by no means nobody. They have just stepped down from the floats of the "sports power" square in the mass parade for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. They are the only pair of Winter Olympics Games and Winter Paralympics mascots with physical shape.

Tongzhou is prosperous because of the canal, and Beijing's sub-center is built along the canal. The dance Legend of the Canal presented a dream-like visual feast with multimedia technology and ingenious arrangement. The boat in the performance have been specially transformed into Wupeng boat (boat with a dark awning) on the Grand Canal in ancient China, equipped with high-tech ice screen to serve the dual functions of play screen and perspective.

Children's chorus We Are All Dreamers is performed by 80 children from "Angels Chorus". They jumped to the center of the stage, sang loudly, expressed their friendship and pursuit of dream with purity and innocence, and jointly highlighted the theme of the event "meet at sub-center and chase dream in the new era".

The main creative team of the performance is led by famous director Wang Rongqi. The cultural performance makes full use of the surrounding environment of the venue and integrates plots with scenes. The arrangement of the program reflects the cultural symbols of the canal culture, and shows the Grand Canal culture through drone formation, boat, dance and chorus. Through the inheritance of history and modern times, the integration of culture and technology, a semi-real, soft and moving artistic state is reached with the support of surrounding environment.