Digital Art Exhibition

Date:2019-06-14      Source:Asia Digital Art Exhibition

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Time: May 16 - June 15, 2019

Address: No. 6 Chuangye Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Exhibition Introduction:

The exchange between different civilizations is an important driving force for promoting the progress of human civilization and the peaceful development of the world. The establishment of human destiny community requires mutual exchanges and understanding between different civilizations. In order to strengthen cultural communications among Asian countries, it is proposed to initiate the Asia Digital Art Exhibition (ADAE).

Based on the reflection of 30 international artists over their respective cultural traditions through digital media, Asia Digital Art Exhibition (ADAE) will demonstrate the geographic integration of diversified Asian cultures in the globalization context behind the seemingly different digital art forms. At the same time, the exhibition also seeks to build a platform for the dialogue between culture and technology to promote cross-disciplinary cultural innovation for the future.

Culture + Technology Exhibition Introduction:

Culture + Technology Exhibition will focus on the achievements of a number of major research projects related to cultural technology, including the latest interdisciplinary experimental and digital interpretation projects on cultural heritage, so that the new phenomenon combining culture, innovation and science can be comprehensively discussed. The exhibition platform will unite with some of China's leading technology companies to create a digital culture industry based on innovative technologies.

Conference Introduction:

Technology has been shaping the culture and art of mankind at all times, while art is expanding the spiritual civilization of mankind uninterruptedly. This conference will invite influential artists and representatives of the technology industry in Asia to gather for an open dialogue. Through discussions on topics such as "Integration between the Culture, Technology and Art" and "Questions about the Future of Mankind", we have a proposal to build a platform for reaching consensus among cultures, promoting technological innovation, and guiding the global development of digital culture.