The 3rd China (Beijing) International EV Charging Technology Fair


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Venue: China National Convention Center

Date:  July 06 - 09

EV charging facilities is the important  supportive system  for  EV and is also the key link for the commercialization and industrialization process of EV. Establishing EV charging facilities is the premise and footstone for promoting the EV industry,perfect and efficient energy supply network is one of the most necessary conditions for the widespread use of EV.

To propel the innovation of EV charging infrastructure, the widespread use of EV, strengthen the communication and cooperation of information,  technology and product inside and outside the industry,  build a high grade platform for exchange learning,display and demonstration, advertising, sales and market promotion, propel the constant and healthy growth of EV and charging infrastructure industry,“EVCTec China 2019- The 3rd China(Beijing)International EV Charging Technology Fair”will be held by Association of Beijing New Energy Automotives,China North Vehicle Research Institute, State-assigned Electric Vehicle Power Battery Testing Center, Beijing New Energy Vehicle  Promotion Center, EV Charging Infrastructure Standardization Technical Committee of the Energy Industry,EV Charging Infrastructure Professional Technical Committee and Beijing Huaxing Orient Exhibition Co.on July6-9, 2019 at China National Convention Center (CNCC).