Un Ballo in Maschera

Date:2019-03-18      Source:National Centre for the Performing Arts

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Venue: Concert Hall
Dates: April 10-14, 2019


The Un Ballo in Maschera is adapted based on the story of assassination of King Gustav III of Sweden in the 18th century. Through fictional odd story, the opera reveals Amelia's ambivalence when pursuing extramarital romantic love and safeguarding her husband's dignity, and rolls out the real high life of Italy in the 18th century. Un Ballo in Maschera, La forza del destino and Don Carlo are crowned as the three major masterpieces created by Verdi in his mid-life. Un Ballo in Maschera can be described as one of Verdi's most talented works in terms of music, which not only consists of many classical arias, but also achieves the culmination of the Romantic opera from the perspective of art. This work truly achieves grand and magnificent realm in view of drama contents and musical charm.

Conductor: LÜ Jia
Director/Set Designer/Costume Designer: Hugo De Ana
Lighting Designer: VinicioCheli
Projection Designer: Sergio Metalli 
Choreographer: Marco Pelle
Wigs Designer: Mario Audello
Chorus Master: JIAO Miao
Revival Director: Alessandra Panzavolta
Revival Choreographer: SHANG Junrui

Gustav III (Tenor): Amadi Lagha/Warren Mok
Amelia (Soprano): Svetla Vassileva/SUN Xiuwei 
Renato (Anckarström)(Baritone): Sergey Murzaev/ZHANG Yang●
Ulrica Arfvidsson (Alto): Anna Maria Chiuri/NIU Shasha
Oscar (Soprano): Damiana Mizzi/ZHANG Wenqin●
Cristiano (Baritone): ZHAO Denghui
Ribbing (Bass): MEI Jie
Horn (Bass): GUAN Zhijing●
A Judge (Tenor): MAO Weizhao▲
Amelia's Servant (Tenor): CAO Ruidong▲

(● for NCPA Resident Singers, ▲ for NCPA Chorus member)


Ricardo is preparing for a dancing party. He invites his good friend Renato's wife Amelia because he loves her. His servant Oscar warns Ricardo that someone will plot to murder him. But Ricardo doesn't mind and he even laughs at the prophecy of witch Ulrika.

At first, Ulrika secretly meets Amelia in her hut. Amelia needs a secret recipe to be able to forget Ricardo. Then, Ulrika tells Ricardo (who is disguised to request for fortune-telling) that he would die at the hands of a friend.

Amelia comes alone to the guillotine to search for forgetting grass at midnight and Ricardo follows her. Both express their love each other. At this point, Renato rushes to notify Ricardo to beware of the assassin. Renato also promises to lead masked Amelia to a safe place. However, the assassin forces Amelia to reveal her identity. Ashamed and angry Renato makes decision to jointly revenge with the assassin. In the Governor's dancing party, Renato assassinates Ricardo, but Ricardo feel remorseful for a long time, and gets ready to help Renato and Amelia jointly return to the United Kingdom. But the big mistake is still made. Before death, Renato proves that Amelia is innocent and forgives all people concerned.


Amadi Lagha
as Gustav III

Warren Mok
as Gustav III

Svetla Vassileva
as Amelia

SUN Xiuwei
as Amelia

Sergey Murzaev
as Renato

as Renato

Anna Maria Chiuri
as Ulrica Arfvidsson

NIU Shasha
as Ulrica Arfvidsson

Damiana Mizzi
as Oscar

ZHANG Wenqin
as Oscar

ZHAO Denghui
as Cristiano

as Ribbing

GUAN Zhijing
as Horn

MAO Weizhao
as Judge

CAO Ruidong
as Amelia’s Servant


China NCPA Orchestra

China NCPA Chorus