China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra

Date:2019-04-01      Source:National Centre for the Performing Arts

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Venue: Concert Hall
Dates: April 06, 2019


Music: LI Huanzhi
Arr.: PENG Xiuwen
Traditional Chinese Orchestra Spring Festival Overture

Music: Jay Chou
Arr.: CHEN Xieyang
Erhu, Cello and Orchestra Chrysanthemum Terrace
Erhu Player: ZHOU Tingting
Cellist: XUE Qi

Music: JIAN Guangyi, WANG Zhiwei
Bamboo Flute and Orchestra New Song of the Herdsmen
Flutist: ZHANG Hui

Music: LIU Tieshan, MAO Yuan
Arr.: PENG Xiuwen
Traditional Chinese Orchestra Dance of the Yao People

Music: Ahematti Jiangz
Orch.: ZHANG Dasen
Hard Drum and Orchestra Harvest
Hard Drummer: MA Li

Arr.: GU Guanren
Traditional Chinese Orchestra Suite of Western China Folk Songs


Arr.: TANG Jianping
Trans.: ZHANG Dasen, BAI Haoyu
Traditional Chinese Orchestra Dance of the Golden Snake

Ancient Music
PENG Xiuwen
Pipa and Orchestra Spring on a Moonlit River 
Lead Pipa Player: FENG Chaohong

Music: ZHANG Chao
Traditional Chinese Orchestra Song of the Wind
SU Wenqing, ZHENG Cuiping
Liuqin Concerto The Garden After Rain
Liuqin Player: CUI Junmiao
Music: JIANG Ying
Traditional Chinese Orchestra The Silk Road


GE Yanan

GE Yanan is not only an erhu performer but also a conductor of China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra, a guest conductor of Henan National Traditional Orchestra and Shanxi National Traditional Orchestra as well as a resident conductor of the Chinese Plucking Orchestra at the Central Conservatory of Music. As a member of Chinese Musicians Association, he is also a judge of this association and the Standard Grade Examination Committee of the Central Conservatory of Music. He is the first holder of two Master’s degrees in conducting and Chinese instrumental music performance in China.

He studied erhu under professor YAN Jiemin and learned conducting with professor WANG Fujian and associate professor XIA Xiaotang at the Central Conservatory of Music and graduated with distinction. He was very lucky to receive guidance from the celebrated Chinese conductor ZHANG Lie. At the Master Class for Conductors sponsored by the Central Conservatory of Music, he was acclaimed by Mark Gibson, a master with the College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati in the US.

In recent years, he has maintained good cooperation with a number of domestic orchestras, including China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra, Henan National Traditional Orchestra, Shanxi National Traditional Orchestra, Guangdong National Orchestra, China Youth Chinese Orchestra, Fanyin Chamber Orchestra of Young Teachers of Tianjin Conservatory of Music, and the National Traditional Orchestra of the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts. His performances for Chinese state leaders and heads of foreign countries were highly praised. He also directed the rehearsal and premiere of many works, such as the A Trilogy of Women by the Central Conservatory of Music and the Impression of Shanxi by the National Traditional Orchestra of Shanxi Song and Dance Troupe. He gave performances in dozens of countries and regions such as Germany, the US, Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Canada and Australia.

GE Yanan is also committed to the music popularization and education of universities, middle and primary schools nationwide. In recent years, he has won a number of China’s national awards for erhu performance including the “Golden Bell Award” of the Third National Erhu Competition. Thanks to over ten years of systematic study and training of the national instrumental music, he boasts rich experience and deep insight in acoustics, timbre, training methods and playing standards of Chinese national orchestra, and his disposal and control of string music voice part is acclaimed by experts.


China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra

Founded in 1949, China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra has achieved remarkable results, enjoying outstanding popularity at home and abroad.

Over the past 60-plus years, thanks to the active advocacy and unremitting efforts of Mr. PENG Xiuwen, a world-renowned conductor and composer in China, the orchestra has taken the lead in establishing a basic framework unique to Chinese orchestras, comprising bowed stringed instruments, plucked stringed instruments, wind instruments and percussion instruments. It has contributed significantly to the continuous development and improvement of Chinese traditional orchestras.

The orchestra has carried out rich and colorful art activities and given diversified performances. It boasts a large repertoire when holding the stage. It has played and recorded thousands of works for films, TV and radio programmes, tapes and CDs. Numerous artists have been cultivated by the orchestra, including many world-famous conductors, composers and performers.

As a well-known art brand of Chinese music and a symbol of Chinese culture, the orchestra has visited more than 70 countries and regions, making unremitting efforts to promote cultural exchanges and friendship with other countries and present Chinese culture and art to the world with amazing results.